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Quite a few porn stars shot at least one film with Fiona Cooper, usually under another name. Here is Tiffany Walker, called 'Michaela' in this solo film. In some solo films the girl is talking, but in this film there is a background of classical music (Ravel, Gershwin, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, etc.).

Scene 1 - Tiffany is looking at a fashion magazine, wearing a jumper and a maxiskirt. She takes off her skirt, then her shoes. Lies down upon a bed with the magazine. She rubs her crotch and bares her breasts. Plays with them. She takes off her tights and her knickers. Plays with her pussy.

Scene 2 - Tiffany wears a pink dress, white stockings and a straw hat. She tucks up her dress and pulls up her stockings. With her dress still tucked up, she glances through a few books. She empties a bag and finds a dildo. She sits down in a chair with her legs far apart and her knickers within sight. She is reading a book while fondling her crotch with the dildo. Puts aside the book and strips off her knickers. Masturbates with the dildo and removes her hat in the meantime. She bares a tit and caresses it with the dildo.

Scene 3 - Tiffany is wearing a blue maxidress. She tucks it up, revealing her naked body. She sits down on a chair, her pussy within sight. She makes up. Lowers her dress, stands up and steps out of her dress. Sits down again and rubs oil into her skin. She gets into a sleeveless blouse and a white skirt.

Scene 4 - Tiffany in a pink jumper, black shorts and white socks. She lies upon the floor, reading a magazine. She rises to her feet, turns on a cassette recorder (or is it a portable radio?) and starts dancing. While dancing she takes off her jumper and her shorts. Rubs lotion on her breasts. She strips off her knickers and we get some close-ups of her pussy. She lies down upon the floor again and masturbates.

Scene 5 - Tiffany wears a top, a blue miniskirt and white socks. She tucks up her skirt. She kneels upon a bed, reading a magazine. First she starts fondling her crotch; then she puts a hand into her knickers. She removes her skirt and her knickers and masturbates. In the meantime she removes her top too.

You have to order at least three Fiona Cooper videos. If you want something completely different too, I'd recommend No. V890: Yolanda a.k.a. Laura Turner. While Tiffany behaves like there is no camera at all and never looks into it, Laura is very aware that she is being watched. She is continually looking into the camera and flirting with her audience. These two form an interesting contrast.

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