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Released: 1995 (2004? for DVD)
Director: Charles Rothstein
Notes: LBO
Alternate Titles
  • The Flesh Palace
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 80 mins.

A number of American studios, including LBO, have reissued some of their back catalogue of 80's and 90's films on DVD in recent years, giving us the chance to see some of the classics of the period. The Flesh Palace is one such film. Dating from 1995, the time of big hair do's, it stars JR Carrington, PJ Sparxx, Kimberley Kummings and a young Roxanne Hall in one of her early films from the States.

The Flesh Palace is an erotic theme park run by Marc Wallace, where people come to live out their fantasies in a series of short scenes.

Dressed in a red cape, Roxanne is the last to appear. The sheltered daughter of a country vicar, she has come to the Flesh Palace to experience the ultimate - not one man but two! Dropping her cape, she stands between the guys in her black lingerie and stockings. Grabbing their cocks, she guides them to the bed. Roxanne bends forward to have her pussy licked as she takes a dick between her lips. Her knickers come down as her pussy is filled with man meat. The boys swap places. Roxanne's moans are muffled by a throat full of cock. As the candles in the bedroom flicker in the breeze, Roxanne stretches open her legs. The guys take turns to thrust deep into her pussy. Roxanne wants more from the pair, getting both her holes filled. The boys do as they are bid. Sliding onto the floor, Roxanne sits, her mouth open as the two jerk their jizz on her face. The candles go out.

The picture quality and sound may not be up to today's standards but it is still watchable. Like other American movies of this era, the film is relatively short and packed with action. It's interesting to see how both styles and Roxanne have changed since the film was made. This is pre her boob job and she still has a very strong if slightly monotone English accent. For a little bit of history, Flesh Palace is not a bad view.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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