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Released: 1995 (2003 DVD)
Director: Patrick Collins
Notes: Elegant Angel
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 131 mins.

From the title of the film it's very hard to work out what the film is about. When watching it's clear this is a number of short gonzo scenes shot in the US and Europe during 1994/5. With none of the scenes lasting more than 15 minutes (and some a mere 5) the cast runs into double figures and, with the exception of Melissa Monet and Roxanne Hall, most of the girls are unknowns.

Tucked right at the end of the film is a young looking Roxanne. Climbing out of the shower, she pats herself dry then massages moisturiser over her body. Pulling on her white patterned underwear, Roxanne makes for the bed where she rubs a teddy bear between her legs. Her panties to one side she takes a large ridged pink dildo and works it into her tight hole before nodding off to sleep. Partick Collins creeps into the room waking the sleeping Roxanne by holding a vibrator against her clit. She works it over her pussy making the juices run. Holding the vibrator tight, Roxanne pushes the ridged dildo back in her pussy and rolls over. Patrick removes the toy, replacing it with his cock as he fucks her doggy. Guiding his dick into her arse it only takes a few strokes before Roxanne's bum cheeks are covered in cream.

With grainy picture quality and poor camera work this film doesn't really have a lot going for it. There is scene after scene of rather ordinary looking Hungarian girls who can't interact with Patrick and look a little lost. The only reason you may want to watch is for the early Roxanne and Melissa scenes, but here too, mediocre camera work means they are not great.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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