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Released: 2009
Director: Paul Carder
Notes: Booty Box TV / Union Films
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 110 mins.

Director Paul Carder has packed a pile of beauties onto a plane and taken them off to warmer climes for his 'Sex in the Sun' movie Excess Slaggage. With the first four scenes each having their own title sequence, it's clear the film was originally shot for TV and augmented for the R18 DVD release.

Honeymoon Hammering
The film kicks off with a badly framed, shadowy scene, starring the Russian Olga Cabaeva, being unfaithful to her new husband on their honeymoon night.

Back Packers
Leaving their wine behind, Natalia X and Sasha head to the roof terrace for a spot of sunbathing. Sharing the sun lounger, the two remove their tops and explore each other's bodies with tongues. Pulling aside Sasha's lace panties, Natalia pokes and probes her pussy, before dropping her own knickers to be licked and fingered. As in the first scene, poor lighting and indifferent camerawork spoil the effect as the girls stuff their pussies with toys and vibrators.

Room Service
Renee stretches out on the bed of her luxury apartment, while Pete unpacks the cases. About to settle down, their fun is interrupted by a bespectacled Kiesha, the chamber maid. Noticing Kiesha's sexy legs, Renee makes a move. Fingers unbutton her black blouse as the two kiss. Bending the maid over the bed, Renee rubs and licks at her panties and arse. Kneeling either side of Pete, the pair pull at his prick. Each take turns in sucking. Slipping down her fuchsia knickers, Renee uses them to tie Pete's hands before sitting on his face. Dropping to her hands and knees, Kiesha buries her tongue deep in Renee's pussy while Pete bangs her from behind. Then it's Renee's turn to be fucked doggy. The girls take Pete's load over their tits.

Swimming Slut
Cate floats round in the pool while Katie K splashes her from the side. Clambering out, the girls take off their bikini tops and start to kiss. Making their way to a couple of rough wooden chairs, Katie looks a little apprehensive as Cate's boobs are thrust in her face. Her bikini bottoms removed, she sits back to let Cate lick. A silver vibe is worked between her legs. Buckling up a strap-on, Katie gets Cate to deep throat the plastic prick before plunging it into her pussy. Lying down, Katie squeezes Cate's tits as she rides her false phallus.

A knackered looking Ben stumbles towards Renee and Kiesha's pool, where a party is taking place. He wants the girls to turn down the noise so he can get to sleep. Kiesha has a better idea and takes him to a secluded spot where she eases her boobs out of her black party dress. Wrapping her hands around Ben's cock, she kisses the head and takes it between her lips. Not what Ben came for, but he doesn't object. Slipping down Kiesha's knickers, Ben fingers her fanny as a prelude to fucking her. He slaps her arse and she drops on all fours to be filled doggy. Kiesha rocks back and ends up riding Ben reverse. The pair fall on to their sides and continue shagging. Pulling out, Ben shoots over Kiesha's bum.

Shay has a problem with the toilet in her apartment and has called for the maintenance guy. Pete soon spots the problem: She has a vibrator stuck in the pan. With her plastic friend out of action, Shay doesn't know how she will spend the rest of her holidays. Pete offers her the real thing. Undoing her bra, he kisses Shay's boobs then slowly works his way down her body. Placing Shay on the patio table, Pete's tongue darts and dances over her pussy. Grabbing her jeans, Shay releases Pete's cheb and swallows. The wet dick is eased between her legs. Climbing onto the table, Pete lowers Shay onto his cock. She wriggles and writhes, reverse. Pete turns Shay over to bang her from behind, then wanks his jizz onto her face.

Watching Excess Slaggage is like viewing two different films. The first four scenes are marred by shadows, inconsistent colour and lighting, as well as poor framing of the action. The performances here are also not up to scratch, with Katie, and to a lesser extent Natalia, looking a little uneasy in their girl-on-girl sessions. The last two scenes are fine, but with two-thirds of the film being below par, there's not enough decent footage to redeem Excess Slaggage.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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