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Released: 2009
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Spice Extreme
Alternate Titles
  • Extreme Filth R18 DVD available Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 122 mins.

In Phil Barry's studio, five girls tell of their most extreme sexual experience, whether imagined or real. Jasmine, Renee, Laura, Paige and Elizabeth then relive their tale in front of Phil's camera.

When a masked gang raid Jasmine's shop they end up with more than just the takings from the till. She pleads with the boys to be taken back to their hide out for some ‘fun' and they agree. Climbing the tatty stairs towards the gang's lair, Jasmine will go no further till the two have licked her pussy. The boys' tongues get to work as she slips out of her blouse and bra. Knickers off, Jasmine grabs the guys' cocks to wank and suck. Bending forward, she eases a length between her legs, then, forcing a robber onto his back, Jasmine drops on to his dick. Surrounded by cash from the raid, Jasmine rolls on to her side to be shagged. Wanting more, Jasmine drops to her knees, barking orders for the boys to hammer her hard. Balanced on the edge of the stairs, Jasmine rides the guys reverse, then flops onto her back to finish the session. Still shouting, she empties the boys' balls over her tits.

In a secluded car park, Renee sits in her car, rubbing her pussy through her black tights and fondling her breasts. She thrusts a hand inside her tights and fingers herself. Two camouflaged guys come from the trees. Cocks in hand, they push them through the open window. Dribbling, Renee kneels to lick at their pricks. Hanging almost out of the car, her tongue darts over the pair of balls. Buttons flying, Renee's blouse is ripped open. On the roof of the car, the two tear at her tights. Spreading her legs, Renee is lapped and probed. Four fingers are pushed into her pussy. Renee slides down the windscreen to lie over the bonnet, getting the boys to fill her from behind. The three move to the trees for more banging and bonking, then back to the car for Renee to ride the guys reverse. Coating her boobs with cum, Renee sucks off every last drop.

Stock controller Laura suspects that things are going missing in the warehouse and pops down to conduct a spot check. Finding Kieran and Tony, she stops the boys working to insist on a strip search. Kneeling between the pair, Laura notices a suspicious bulge in the boys' pants and decides to investigate with her lips. The two unbutton her blouse as she caresses them, taking each cock in turn into her mouth. Tony slips off Laura's shoe and rubs it against her black panties before pulling them aside to get at her pussy. Laura lies back against a pallet. Kieran fucks her missionary while Tony wipes his cheb over her face. The guys push Laura's knickers into her gaping hole. Changing places, Tony thrusts in doggy. Lowering herself onto Kieran's shaft, Laura bangs away. She lets out a cry of pleasure when Tony adds his dick to her pussy. Propped up on her shoulders, the pair pile drive into Laura's pussy then fire their loads over her face and tits.

Delivery girl Paige drops off a basket of groceries at Kieran and Stefan's flat. Heading for the kitchen, she runs through the order. There's plenty of veg, but no meat. Removing her short white skirt, Paige crouches between the pair and tastes their pork swords. Their dicks slide down her throat. Paige climbs onto the work bench to show the pair her special vegetable preparation and gets Kieran to ram a carrot into her pussy. His tongue darts over her shaven snatch. It's flavoured to perfection. Carrots are all well and good, but Paige wants some of Kieran's dick and spreads her legs. Carried across the room on Kieran's cock, she's placed on the couch where she sinks herself down on Stefan's shaft. She swaps boys half way through shagging. Slipping off the edge of the sofa, Kieran pile drives into Paige. Down on all fours, she lets Stefan take her doggy. Grabbing a cucumber, Kieran stretches Paige's pussy lips, then inserts a carrot into her arse. Mounting Stefan's prick reverse, Paige prefers the real thing and gets the boys to double-dick her. Paige's session ends with a nice spunk dressing over her tits.

PVC clad dominatrix Elizabeth drags Kieran to her play room and orders him to lick his way up her thigh length boots. Undoing her long black coat, she smothers his face with her cleavage. Blindfolded and gagged, Kieran is strapped to a large wheel. Elizabeth sucks at his cock then binds it in tape. Turning Kieran upside down, Elizabeth forces her bum into his face and teases his prick with her pussy. Untaped, Elizabeth backs herself onto Kieran's dick and bashes against his thighs. Releasing Kieran from his restraints, Elizabeth climbs into a hoist and slowly swings against his shaft. Back on the floor, Elizabeth sits on her slave's face to have her arse licked. A little reverse riding and Kieran is allowed to cum over his mistresses boobs.

Each of the scenes provides its own take on Extreme Filth, from Elizabeth dominating her guy to Paige experimenting with pricks in the kitchen. All are nicely produced and well performed. If you're looking for a movie containing a hint of kink, Extreme Filth fits the bill. Although you may want turn the sound down for Jasmine. She is VERY loud!!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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