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Released: 2009
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 109 mins.

Over a series of films, Phil Barry has been looking at the extremes in Britain: MILFs and Teens. Now he turns his spotlight on Ladettes. Over five scenes, we meet a set of slovenly girls who's only concern is cock and how much they can get.

Surrounded by rubbish, Tony picks his way across a yard towards Elizabeth's back door. In her white hoodie and short skirt, Elizabeth grabs Tony and drags him indoors where a pool table occupies the dining room. Elizabeth lifts her top and slips her boobs from her bra. Tony stands no chance as she thrusts them in his face. His hand finds Elizabeth's panties. Encouraged by Phil, his fingers penetrate her pussy. Undoing Tony's belt, Elizabeth yanks down his jeans. Her head bobs on his length. Trapping the damp cheb in her cleavage, Elizabeth wanks before popping it back in her mouth. Bent over the pool table, Elizabeth want to be shafted. She shouts and yells as Tony hammers home. Turning over, she places her legs on Tony's shoulders. A slap from her hand makes him pump harder. Still wanting more, Elizabeth slams down on Tony's dick. He creams over her tits and makes his escape.

Phil is worried when he finds Stefan has taken him to Toxteth in Liverpool to meet the next girl. In black lingerie and mauve fishnet stockings, Sabrina (Jane) invites the boys in and wastes no time parting Stefan from his pants. Pushed back onto the bed, Jane gurgles as she feeds Stefan's shaft down her throat. Jane tugs at the spit covered dick. Dropping her knickers, she reveals a badly bruised (and painful looking) bum. Her last guy was a bit rough. Stefan is slightly easier as he takes her from behind. Jane wants it harder. Crouching, she drops herself on his length. The two fall on their sides and continue. Licking off her juices, Jane goes down on all fours to be fucked doggy style. Filling Jane's pussy with four fingers, Stefan pounds away, then smears her juices over her face. He jerks his jizz onto Jane's tits and he massages it over her body.

Arriving in Southend, Stefan and Phil find there's no one in at the next Ladette's. Sasha is in her somewhat unkempt garden, hanging out her washing. Heading inside, Sasha flashes her knickers from beneath her short black dress. Pulling down her panties, Sasha shows Stefan her shaven snatch. Biting at her boobs, he paws her pussy. Dropping onto the sofa, Sasha spreads her legs to be fingered. Pulling out Stefan's prick, Sasha's blonde hair tangles in her hooped earrings as she sucks. With Stefan trapped on the sofa, Sasha slams down on his lap. A quick blow job is followed by some vigorous spoons action. Sasha tugs at her clit ring as she's banged. She slides off the sofa to be pile driven. Stefan shoots his spunk over Sasha's stomach and tits.

Tagged and with an ASBO in place, Leigh is not allowed to leave her home. When Stefan and Phil appear it's her chance to get some cock. Finishing her cigarette, Leigh leans over the kitchen sink and raises her denim skirt. She wants to be shagged. The three make for the bedroom. Stripped to her blue knickers and boots, Leigh holds Stefan's face against her boobs. Throwing Stefan back on the bed, Leigh wrestles down his pants and sucks at prick. His cock disappears down her throat. Straddling Stefan's face, he pokes at her pussy. Leigh shuffles down his body and sits on his dick. Rolling onto their sides, the bed rattles and shakes as they bonk. On hands and knees, Leigh is filled from behind. She takes contol, turning Stefan onto his back. The session ends with Leigh's breast being showered in cum.

Tony and Phil find themselves in a chilly Salford, knocking at Robyn's door. Wading through heaps of rubbish, she takes them to a room with a bed. Dropping her coat, Robyn lifts her boobs from her bra. Skirt and knickers off, she kneels to get her bum licked. Tony tongues her pussy and works three fingers inside. Robyn turns to get at his cock. A quick tit fuck and it's in between her lips. She wipes the wet cheb on her face. With cars flashing past the window, Robyn mounts Tony's rod. Bouncing away, she screws round on his length. Reaching round, Tony teases Robyn's boobs as they shag, spoons. She moves to all fours to be fucked. Wearing only a pair of Ugg boots, Robyn rubs at her pussy as she's pummelled. Tony empties his load over her tits.

Although the girls play their parts well and capture the rough and tough nature of the 'Ladettes' world, the film is more 'Mechanics' than 'Erotics'. Seeing poor Jane (Sabrina) being bashed with her bum black and blue, although brave, it's not what you would call a turn on. And no matter who wears them, Ugg boots cannot be counted as sexy footwear. Extreme Ladettes may appeal to some, but it's not to my taste and fails to live up to the standards of Phil Barry's other 'Extreme' films.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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