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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
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Running time: 121 mins.

The European Blonde Ambitions series is possibly the best of the work currently coming out of the Killergram production team. Hot, erotically raunchy with some fine girls appearing, the films don't go over the top as do some of the other Killergram films. With Antonia Deona, Kyla Kroft and Natalie Heck, Volume 3 (or III as Killergram call it) certainly has some sexy stars with style.

In a knitted top, black leather skirt and fishnets, Antonia sets things rolling. Dancing around a simply furnished modern white room she flashes then drops her knickers for the camera. Sitting, she eases her boobs out of her lace bra and plays while she waits. Stefan Hard arrives and swoops on her pussy, his tongue flicking her double pierced clit. Pulling at her tits, Antonia throws her head back as she is fingered. Working Stefan's cock in her mouth, Antonia gets him ready for action. She gazes up with her bright blue eyes as she licks at the head. With Stefan on the sofa, Antonia lowers herself onto his lap and she reaches down to fondle his balls as she bounces. Discarding her top and skirt she remounts reverse, grinding her pussy on his dick. The two move so that Antonia can be filled missionary. She falls to the floor, jerking at Stefan's cock till he creams in her mouth. A glob of jizz runs down her chin and onto her tits.

Wearing a waistcoat, tie, black skirt and black buckled boots, Kyla Kroft appears, a bottle of Jack Daniel's in hand. She unbuttons her top and her boobs peek out the top of her black bra. She squeezes her tits together as she swigs at the bottle. A guy sits at the other side of the room, his cock out. Kyla crawls her way towards him. On the way she spots a second in the same state of undress. Wrapping her lace mittens around the dick, she runs the head around her lips before popping it into her mouth. The two play with her tits as she does the same to the second boy, pouring Jack Daniel's on the shaft before she swallows. Her knickers off, a guy fills his face with fanny. Kyla moves to sit on the second guy. She mounts the cock cowgirl and her boobs dangle and sway in front of his face. Kyla sits up to take the second in her mouth. Riding reverse, Kyla falls onto all fours to be spit roasted. A little spoons and the boys cum on her chin and tits.

Frankie, in a bright red net dress and boots, waits at the foot of the stairs, her hand fondling her body and pulling at her fanny. Lucy appears at the top. The camera slowly pans up her spike-heeled boots and black fishnet dress. She descends and takes a chain from her boot. She runs it over her tits before attaching it to Frankie's collar. The girls nibble and lick at each other's nipples. Frankie's knickers are pulled tight into her shaven snatch. She sinks to the floor and laps between Lucy's legs. Kissing, the girls press their bodies together. Hands reach down and tug at pussies. Lucy leads Frankie over the room on all fours. Then she works her tongue up her legs and across her thighs. The two fall back onto the sofa, Frankie bringing Lucy to orgasm as they snog.

Felicity sits, cigarette in mouth, blowing smoke towards the camera in her tight halter-neck top, short skirt and patterned tights. Cocks appear to either side and she grabs them, pulling both towards her mouth. She slips out of her black top and the boys tease her boobs as she feeds their dicks down her throat. Groping at her pussy, the two rip open her tights and slip their fingers into her damp hole. Dropping to his knees, one guy tongues at Felicity's fanny as she fills her mouth with the second. Her legs stretched apart, a cock is thrust into her pussy. Felicity shifts to ride the second shaft. The guy's balls bash against her clit as she bounces. Moaning and blushing cherry red, Felicity rolls onto her side and is shagged spoons. The scene ends with Felicity kneeling on the sofa, the boys driving her into the corner as they bang her doggy. She sits up to take their spunk in her mouth.

The final scene has the sizzling hot Natalie Heck, in a shocking pink top, waiting for action on a zebra-patterned couch. Sensi comes up behind her and grabs at her boobs. She turns and, with his pants down, she wraps her sensuous lips around his cock. Pulling her knickers to one side, Natalie lounges back on the sofa as Sensi sucks at her pussy. Holding tight to his cock, Natalie licks the length. Gathering up her denim skirt she slips down the pole reverse cowgirl. Working her fanny over Sensi's body, Natalie is sitting on his face when a second guy arrives. Unzipping his jeans she takes him in her mouth. Natalie groans as the two take turns in her pussy then, bent over the arm of the sofa, she ends spit roasted. After cramming both cocks in her mouth she lies back so both can fuck her. Natalie tugs at the guys' todgers and they cum over her face and tits.

Killergram have banished the poor production and dodgy digital mastering which dogged their early work and are now turning out quality films, with European Blonde Ambition III being one of the best to date. The set-ups for each scene are simple and well lit and the girls all look great in their sexy gear - top marks to the wardrobe department. As for the action, every one knows how good Natalie Heck is, but the rest of the cast aren't far behind. It's also nice to see the steamy hot Antonia Deona on the screen again. Hopefully she can turn out more performances like this. A great watch from Killergram.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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