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Released: 2006
Director: Manuel Ferrara
Notes: Evil Angel
Alternate Titles
  • Manuel Ferrara's Evilution
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 184 mins.

After an absence of a couple of years from our screens, the legendary British actress Nici Stirling makes her one and only comeback performance in Manuel Ferrara's film Evilution. Supported by a strong cast which includes Melissa Lauren, Tiffany Rayne, Annette Schwartz, Marie Luv and Naomi, Manuel has pulled out all the stops for this three hour epic.

In her fur trimmed coat and shiny black trousers, Nici rattles her cane along the side of a cage containing Tiffany Rayne. With her body painted in tiger patterns, Tiffany crouches in the corner. Nici reaches through the bars with a butt plug and plants it in Tiffany's arse. Tiffany moves closer as her fanny is fingered. Released from her confines, Tiffany is lead towards a guy who is sitting with his cock out. Nici encourages her to start sucking. Opening her coat, Nici peels down her tight rubber top and plays with her tits as she watches Tiffany ride the shaft. Taking her place on a chair, Nici undoes her trousers. Her hand settles on her pussy and she slips in a finger. Tiffany cries out as her pussy and arse are pounded. With a mouth full of cum, Tiffany is placed back in her pen. It's now Nici's turn to be fucked. Manuel arrives, his cock ready for action. He teases Nici by going over to Tiffany's cage to let her have a lap. Nici grabs the dick and fills her face before turning on her side to be taken spoons. Pushing Manuel onto his back, Nici slides her pussy down on his shaft and hammers against his balls. The pair head towards Tiffany. Bending forward, Nici squeezes her boobs through the bars. Manuel, behind her, bangs his prick home. They fall to the floor and fuck doggy style. A little more riding and a good long tit wank and Manuel fills Nici's mouth with his cream. Standing over the cage, Nici drips the jizz over Tiffany's face.

If you want to make a comeback, do it in style - and that's exactly what Nici Stirling has done in this film. I have to admit that at first I thought Nici's role may be limited to just a cameo walk on part. For as the minutes ticked by, she had done very little. As with the first scene, Manuel had been crafty. The film doesn't contain the usual 20 to 30 minute scenes, but long hot sessions which run well past the hour mark. It's in the last half hour that Nici dominates the action. Top marks also must go to Naomi. When she catches her husband with Annette Schwartz, this coy, demure housewife turns into super slut and takes on four guys at once. With some films the action seems to drag on and on, but with Evilution the three hours simply fly by... What a great film!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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