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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
Alternate Titles
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Running time: 134 mins.

DiSanto and Anjali have a mix of established girls and new faces in their latest interracial film for Killergram. The girls are all ready and eager to take on the mighty Shaft, with the exception of greedy girl Sarah Beattie who takes on two cocks instead.

Sitting on a cane settee in the conservatory, Anjali is a vision in red - her top, her skirt, her boots, even her knickers all match. Rubbing her panties, she can't wait to get hold of his massive cock. When Shaft arrives she takes him straight in her mouth. Wrapping her hands around his rod Anjali gags as his tip presses her tonsils. Her cheeks bulging with dick, Anjali pulls her panties to one side to finger her moist fanny. With knickers discarded, Anjali stretches her pussy as she works the cock deeper and deeper. Rolling over, Shaft pumps away spoons, his thighs slapping hard on Anjali's bum as she rubs away at her clit. Anjali moans and tells of guys she has fucked as she is entered doggy style. As they turn over, the furniture rocks violently with each thrust from Shaft's dick in her pussy. Finally she wants cum on her face and Shaft obliges.

Jessica, in a sexy black negligée and leather choker, flashes her pussy as she waits for Shaft in a luxury flat overlooking the Millennium Dome. When he enters, she is keen to see if he tastes as good as he looks. There's only one way to find out and she fills her mouth with dick. Anjali wants some of the action and joins in the sucking before heading off for a shower leaving Mr Shaft all to Jessica. Holding tight to the cock, Jessica wants to see how much she can swallow - about half the length. Opening her legs, Jessica cries and groans as Shaft eases his way into her pussy. It's the biggest cock she has ever had. Turning over she manages to take even more doggy, her boobs brushing the sofa as she rocks backward and forward. Jessica wants to try and ride the monster dick. Her face twists with pleasure as her pussy slides down the pole. Banging away, Shaft fires his cum in Jessica's cunt and she lets it dribble out over her bum.

New girl Kya, in her black leather dress, has travelled from Newcastle to see Mr Shaft. Her face lights up when she sees his member and she grabs it with both hand, her tongue flicking the end. Slowly sucking, Kya slips the dick into her mouth covering it in saliva. Kya bends forward to wrap her boobs round the rod for a tit fuck, her hair falling over her face as her tongue darts back and forth. Pulling down her pink panties, Kya prepares her pussy to be fucked, fingering herself before taking the shaft between her swollen lips. Ellie, who has travelled with Kya, comes over to lick the pair as they hump. Ellie masturbates as Kya is rammed doggy. Moving in she sucks on her clit as Shaft cums over Kya's face. Ellie doesn't want the cream to go to waste and licks Kya clean. Wanking, Ellie wonders if she can have a go with shaft ... maybe next time.

Big boobed blonde Sam Bond, in a pale blue dress, is next in the luxury flat. Her knickers are pulled tight into her snatch and she tweaks her nipples while she waits. Smiling, she takes Shaft in her mouth, her long blonde hair falling over her face as her head bobs on the dick. Running her tongue down the saliva covered cock, Sam sucks his balls into her mouth. She lifts her boobs out - Shaft's 12 inches would look fine in her cleavage and she dribbles and laps at the end as it moves between her tits. Dropping her panties, Sam slips a couple of fingers into her pussy before squeezing the cock into her moist hole. Shaft grabs her hips to hammer her down on his length. As she goes down on all fours, Sam's big boobs swing freely as he pounds her from behind. After a little missionary, Shaft sprays his load over Sam's tits.

Sarah Beattie is doing a little finger exercise on the bed when she is spotted through the window by two guys. Lying in her thigh-length black boots and stockings she beckons them in to watch and it doesn't take long for her to be sucking on both cocks. Pulling down her red top, the two suck at Sarah's ample boobs while their hands slip into her knickers. Kneeling, Sarah gives both boys a good blow job, coughing and gagging as they slip down her throat. Lying on the bed with a cock in her mouth, the second guy eases open her pussy, a finger at a time till it's ready for dick. The two take turns fucking and being sucked. After a good long session one guy jets his load down Sarah's throat and she coughs up the cream. The second cums in her pussy and she lets it run out.

Posh girl Starr has called round to see Anjali and Mr Shaft. She has heard so much about him and it's time to see if he lives up to expectations. The photos don't do him justice and Starr's eyes bulge as Anjali wanks the shaft into her mouth and feeds his length down her throat. Anjali lifts Starr's black dress to reveal a big damp patch in her white knickers which gets bigger the more she tit fucks him. Standing astride Shaft, Starr slowly sinks down, her mouth open as her pussy is pulled apart. Rolling onto her side she continues to be shagged by the giant dick and Anjali joins to lick off the pussy juices. Sitting open-legged, Starr gasps as Shaft re-enters her pussy and her stomach moves as he thrusts away. All this banging has made Starr thirsty. The only way to quench it is with a mouth of cream and Mr Shaft provides it.

This is one of DiSanto's best films to date with both the experienced girls and the newcomers putting in hot and horny performances. Sarah and Starr were as sexy as ever and Anjali was just down right dirty. Well done DiSanto.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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