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Released: 2005
Director: Otto Bauer
Notes: New Sensations / Mach 2 Entertainment
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Running time: 138 mins.

From the title and the cover notes you would expect Erotic Cabaret to be a series of stage based performances, but the closest the 'Gorgeous Girl in Astonishing Acts' get to cabaret is the use of feather boas and coloured wigs on what looks like a fairly normal set. That's not to say the film is poor, far from it. Audrey Hollander, the film's star, contorts her body into amazing positions for sex and is ably supported by four top class girls, Destiny Deville, Melissa Lauren, Katja Kassin and Sandra Roman, in this 5 scene romp.

Destiny Deville shares the fifth scene with Audrey, very much in a subsidiary role. Audrey dances round in her white basque, long white gloves and knee-length boots, while Destiny, in grey with a huge green feather wig, is to the side sucking a guy's cock. The girls sit together as a second and third dick appear. Discarding her wig, Destiny gags on man meat while Audrey fills her arse. Lying back, a prick is pushed into Destiny's pussy. She shouts and screams with each thrust and is only quietened when she takes a cock in her mouth. Audrey bangs away, first with one, then two cocks up her bum, Destiny being sidelined when the third dick enters Audrey's mouth. Not deterred, Destiny kneels waiting for spunk. Audrey takes two loads on her face, Destiny gets her tongue covered, and the girls lick each other clean.

The film is definitely a vehicle for Audrey to show her talents and when she is on screen she is the centre of attention. Unlike Melissa, Katja and Sandra who each had their own scene, Destiny was vying with Audrey and came off second best, even though she produced an admirable performance. Erotic Cabaret is a hot and enjoyable film even if Destiny didn't dominate her scene.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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