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Released: 2004
Director: Tyrone Shuz
Notes: Digital Sin
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Running time: 124 mins.

With five unconnected scenes, Sin City's Erotica XXX 8 has the look of a compilation film. Take a closer look though and you realise all the work is from the same director. Tyrone Shuz has used different styles and scenarios for each of the girls, including Violet Blue, Foxy Lady and Jamie Brooks.

Appearing in the final scene, Jamie kneels on a leopard print stool with her lips wrapped around Marco Bandaro's cock, while Mr Pete works his tongue into her arse. Marco runs through a strange range of facial expressions, from ecstasy to biting on lemons, as Jamie swallows his cock. The stool is spun round and Jamie is confronted with Mr Pete's prick. She sucks as Marco bangs in from behind. The three move to the floor where Jamie alternates between the guys. Marco manages to pull some more grotesque faces as she slams down on his shaft. Climbing onto the sofa, Jamie spreads her arse. The boys bang into her gaping hole. Crouched between the pair, Jamie is showered in spunk.

Whilst most of Erotica XXX 8 is a reasonable watch, the last scene is marred by Marco's bizarre face pulling exploits, which are more akin to a gurning competition than a movie. It's a shame, as this detracts from a good performance from Jamie.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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