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Released: 2003
Director: Jim Powers
Notes: Notorious
Notes and Reviews

This is the European release of a US programme by Jim Powers. Whilst there is Brit interest in the second two scenes, I have described all the scenes as each is quite different.

In the first scene, Jo Ashley is telling Frazer Fox he's being stalked by girlfriend Julie Silver. Julie arrives, wearing just a camouflage jacket over a sheer teddy and stockings. After telling her to take the jacket off he orders her to piss on the floor, which she does standing up, nervously glancing between Frazer and Jo. She's then ordered to suck Frazer's cock, then very noisily deep-throats them both. The guys continue to penetrate Julie with dildos (one double-ender is inserted into her pussy and taped to her thigh) and their fists and cocks in both orifices. Towards the end the guys use a four foot long three-inch wide Perspex rod in Julies bum. After the copious facials both guys piss in Julie's mouth which she swallows once the copious flow ends.

Fresh young Claire James is taking a walk in the Hollywood Hills when she is attacked by the penis monster, a shaggy exile from Sesame Street with a couple of dozen false cocks stitched to the suit. Claire initially screams with horror, but once she's naked and has taken a couple of cocks in her pussy she's happy to work through most of the rest. All this takes place in woods alongside the public footpath. Although the monster is ridiculous, a degree of arousal is achieved by the number and variety of dildos Claire accepts.

Jenny Loveitt pulls three young chippies off a construction job as she tells them she's feeling horny. They don't need a second invitation as Jenny also looks very horny in a white shirt and tartan microskirt. Back at her house, Jenny deep-throats all three guys before the sex begins. Anal is introduced early, then it's a dp with a third cock in her mouth, anal reverse cowgirl turns into a double penetration of her arse, then she's flipped over to take all three cocks at once, two in her pussy and one up the arse. The rough anal sex continues in many athletic positions before the scene closes with several messy facials.

Ashley arrives at a lab where 80's porn legend John Holmes is being cloned. Ashley, in her heels, is a good foot taller than the nerdy scientist, who shows her a tank where a huge plastic penis is grafted onto a small plastic doll. Elsewhere is the steaming tank where John is in suspended animation (not a bad makeup job on the actor). Left alone, the tank opens to reveal John in an immaculately pressed white suit and an 18 inch dong dangling from his flies. Ashley, looking drop-dead cute in a white halter-top, tartan miniskirt and white hold-ups, takes John in hand. The scientist is obviously cloning John as a second tank opens revealing a twin as the whole scene takes on the air of a 118 118 television ad. Ashley takes both giant false penises in her mouth at once, then one in her pussy, each cock being around 3 inches in diameter. In close-up, she gingerly takes one in the bum then the second suddenly slips a long way into her pussy. More penetration continues until the plastic cocks reveal they're fully-loaded and squirt all over Ashley's face.

Both the genres of excessive penetration and comedy porn are not much made in the UK, a little surprising perhaps since we're the nation that brought the world Carry On films. Here the combination of camp humour alongside some very hard porn sits uncomfortably with me. Jenny's scene is out and out dirty from a big girl who can take care of herself, but the first scene was too strong for me. Only if female humiliation is your thing is this for you.

Review by Bayleaf

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