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  • Emma Chapell as Emily, many titles as well as those listed separately, see film notes
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A series of 64 videos made and sold by Emily Butler (Emma Chappell) under the heading St. Emilia's Videos. Many of these featured herself in various form of sexual action solo, with other girls and b/g. Only those which featured other identifiable girls alone or with Emily are listed separately.

Emma Chappell (Emily Butler) featured in at least 21 Emily's videos alone or with others, solo, g/g, b/g, outdoor flashing etc. Videos featuring other identifiable listed girls are:

  • Emily's Video EA00A featured Kerry Matthews as Caroline plus 'Alison' and 'Lady Sadiva', all solo
  • Emily's Video EA00C Sapphire (Sandra Lester) plus 'Star' and 'Debbie'
  • Emily's Video EA00D Sam (Johnson) plus 'Kirsty' and 'Kelly'
  • Emily's Video EA00E 'Lee-Anne', 'Charlotte' and Poison (presumed to be the Poison listed)
  • Emily's Video EA001 Sam (Johnson)
  • Emily's Video EA002 Sapphire (Sandra Lester), Emily g/g
  • Emily's Video EA005 Emily, Sapphire, Richard b/g
  • Emily's Video EA009 Sapphire (Sandra Lester) solo masturbation
  • Emily's Video EA011 Caroline (Kerry Matthews), 'Kirsty' solo masturbation
  • Emily's Video EA018 Sapphire (Sandra Lester) solo masturbation
  • Emily's Video EA030 Sam (Johnson) schoolgirl solo
  • Emily's Video EA031 Emily and Sapphire (Sandra Lester) schoolgirl g/g
  • Emily's Video EA039 Sam (Johnson) upskirt
  • Emily's Video EA043 Caroline (Kerry Matthews) teasing, dominating
  • Emily's Video EA047 Sapphire and 'Lee-anne' g/g
  • Emily's Video EA049 Sapphire masturbation
  • Emily's Video EA055 Sapphire and Emily g/g

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