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Released: 2000
Director: Luis Cypher
Notes: Extreme Associates
Notes and Reviews

Karina Currie appears in the last scene though she is not the Karina who is shown on the cover.

This is a very unpleasant and disturbing scene. Dick Nasty wanders around the house shouting out 'Karina, where are you?' and similar and holding a strap in one hand and flicking it against his other palm. He finds her eventually and orders her up to her room. She is wearing a white singlet and white panties. He makes her lie face down on a massage table and makes her suck his cock. Full sex follows and he cums over her and sends her off to clean herself up, with more verbal abuse.

To what male fantasy is this scenario supposed to appeal? An abusive father/daughter relationship is strongly implied. The people who made this and thought it might be erotic are worthy only of contempt.

This is also a poor conversion to DVD in terms of colour and a complete waste of Karina's ability to be very sexy indeed. In fact none of her hard core videos have come anywhere near to her performances in the TVX series Cock Crazy in the ability to generate sexual heat, with the exception of her scenes for Omar and Remington Steel. This is not her fault, but down to the absence of talent behind the camera in most of her videos.

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