< Euroticon 4

Released: early 1990s
Notes: SYC, included on Sarah and Friends 10
Notes and Reviews

Actual cast: Misty McCaine, Nicky Pearce, unidentified female fizzy brown hair in Hard Cut 6, Louise Pike, Carolyn Hudson

  • Misty McCaine cavorts and strips by a jeep (pre boob job) and has a photoshoot by a pool (post boob job)
  • Misty, Nicky Pearce and black stud to joint facial
  • Unidentified female (at 13 mins.) with light brown, frizzy-hair uses dildo, then with male. (In Hard Cut 6). Facial
  • Louise Pike (39 mins) wandering about, in shower, doing her make up, using a dildo. In pool, with young bloke. Move out of pool then are joined by a second male. Facials
  • Carolyn Hudson (at about 1.00) begins in similar vein to other scenes then joins Steve Thorpe (young with moustache) for sex scene, anal, facial

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