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Released: 2010
Director: Big Jim, end credits say Shamus O'Rourke
Notes: Your Choice
Alternate Titles
  • Casey Jo's Dirty Anal Devils
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 247 mins.

Anal sex aficionado Sammy Jo (as Casey) has brought together a group of her girlfriends to assist and indulge in her pleasures. Over seven long scenes, Cate Harrington, Amber Leigh, Elizabeth Lawrence, Petra Davis, Jasmine Webb, along with European girls Denise K and Laura, join Sammy in her delights.

Cate is first to experience Sammy's hospitality. Taken by the hand, she is lead up a spiral staircase. A white covered bed awaits the pair. Bending Cate over, Sammy slips aside her panties and parts her cheeks. A finger is pushed into her arse. Easing down her own knickers, Sammy lets Cate play with her bum. A moist digit is inserted. Sammy summons the boys. Ben and a slightly portly Scott appear. Both girls set to on the boys' cocks. Sammy has no problem sucking Ben's shaft, but despite Cate's best efforts, Scott doesn't rise to the occasion. Moving over, she joins Sammy in licking Ben's dick as Scott attempts to shag her from behind with his semi-stiff dick. Wanting some man meat in her pussy, Sammy climbs onto Ben. Cate laps at the writhing couple as they ride. Flopping back on the bed, Cate is filled missionary with Sammy sitting on her face. More sucking on Scott's prick gets him hard enough to fuck Cate doggy. His length soon goes flaccid when she attempts to ride him. Down on all fours, Sammy eases Ben into her bum. Scott lies like a beached whale while Cate slips his cheb into her arse. A little DP action follows for Cate and the boys shoot their loads into her mouth.

While Keni snoozes on the couch, Sammy and Jasmine explore each other's bodies. Standing over the dozing boy, the two flash their pussies inches from his face. Waking up with his head between the girls' legs, Keni licks away. Jasmine stretches open her arse to feel Keni's tongue. Pulling at his pants, the pair pin him to the sofa and prod their tonsils with his length. His shaft covered in spit, the two tug and wank. Jasmine kneels to be taken from behind, with Sammy licking at the pair. Swapping places, Sammy lowers herself onto Keni's cock. The couple fall onto their sides and continue spoons. Jasmine tastes their juices. Down on all fours, Jasmine's bum gets a good long banging. Spanking her arse, Sammy wants some of the same. Keni hammers away at the girls and the session culminates with him showering their faces with his cum.

Wearing a black basque and stockings, Sammy sits on the marble kitchen counter facing Elizabeth. Pulling at her black panties, she plunges her fingers into Elizabeth's tight bum. Turning, Sammy sticks her arse into Elizabeth's face. Elizabeth licks and prods at Sammy's wet hole. Bringing in Roger, the girls are keen to try the bulge in his jeans. Cock out, Elizabeth and Sammy kneel to fill their faces with meat. The two take his length as far as his balls. Dropping her floral skirt, Elizabeth bends forward. Sammy stands beside her. They both get their bums prised open. Climbing back onto the counter, Sammy tongues at Elizabeth's pussy as Roger enters her from behind. Elizabeth turns on her side to be fucked spoons. Her pierced clit reflects in the black polished surface. Roger jabs into Sammy's bum. Elizabeth crawls between their legs and laps at the juices trickling down Sammy's thighs. Spreading her legs wide, Elizabeth crams her arse with Roger's member. Lying on the counter, Roger gets his face filled with Sammy's fanny while Elizabeth rides him up her bum. The girls kneel. Roger empties his balls into Elizabeth's mouth. She sucks off every last drop and gives Sammy a spunky kiss.

Back in the kitchen, this time in pink with her red high heels, Sammy fingers her arse as Steve Hooper wanders into the room. With her tits out of her top, Sammy stoops and runs her tongue over his cock and balls. Flicking back her curly blonde hair, she swallows his length. Dropping her knickers and kicking off her heels, Sammy lowers herself onto his shaft, reverse. The two fall on to their sides on the counter to shag. Laura enters wearing sexy red lingerie and starts to lick at Sammy's damp pussy. Sammy reaches over to finger Laura's bum. Laura munches at the pair as Steve shoves his cock into Sammy's arse. Laura leans on the counter, her legs parted, as Steve eases his dick into her bum. He bites at Sammy's erect nipples as he bangs her. A lick at Steve's prick and he's sent away. Undoing Laura's red corset, Sammy makes her kneel on the black marble. Sammy uses her fingers in Laura's damp snatch and arse. She's joined on the counter and Sammy sits on her face. Licking at Sammy's bum, Laura squeezes in two fingers. The girls kiss and then leave.

Amber wanders down a spiral staircase in a see-through black dress. She's followed by Sammy. Caressing each other's bodies, the two are ready for cock. Enter Roger. Sammy relaxes on the sofa and pulls at her pussy lips. Amber and Roger probe their tongues between her legs. Loosening her panties, Amber lets Roger poke her bum and laps at Sammy's arse. Roger's trousers are undone and his shaft springs out. Amber takes it into her mouth and sucks while he plays with her pussy. Boobs out, Amber slams herself against Roger's thighs, reverse. Sammy tries his cock cowgirl style. Burying her face in Sammy's arse, Amber feels Roger's thumb in her bum. She climbs onto his cheb and takes him anally. Twisting herself round on the sofa, Sammy is banged in the arse. She turns onto her back to be fucked missionary. Sammy kneels in front of Roger and he jerks his jizz into her mouth. The girls kiss.

Wearing a split-front dress, Sammy leads in Jasmine for her second visit. Lifting her evening dress, Sammy eases a finger into Jasmine's arse. Clark is called over and he joins in the fingering. Sammy drops her golden knickers to get her bum probed as well. Lying Clark on the dining table, Jasmine and Sammy stand at either side of him. They proceed to suck his cock and bite at his balls. Casting aside her gown, Jasmine sits on Clark's face. Sammy crouches over his shaft and slips it into her snatch. Down off the table, Jasmine leans forward to be fucked. Sammy reaches between the pair to caress them. Both girls kneel on the table. Clark fingers Jasmine's and Sammy's arse. Jasmine is the first to feel Clark's bone in her bum as she rides him reverse. Sammy bends over the table to be banged from behind. The two wait open-mouthed for Clark's cum. Neither are disappointed.

Sammy has invited Denise and Petra round for a party. In the kitchen, she wants to see what the girls have to offer. Getting the pair to bend forward, Sammy lifts Denise's dress and parts Petra's cheeks to test their pussies and bums. The two now want to see what Sammy can bring to the party. Their tongues dart over her pussy and arse. A shout brings on Clark and Steve. Petra grabs one guy while Denise nabs the other. Knickers off, Sammy crouches between the boys. Her head yo-yos from dick to dick, before cramming both into her mouth, Denise and Petra join in the sucking. With Sammy riding Steve reverse, Denise and Petra 69 each other. Clark jabs his cheb into their pussies. Swapping partners, Petra and Denise get to try the boys. Sammy squeezes her fingers into the pair as they fuck. Leaning forward, the girls get taken anally as a cameraman drifts into view. With Denise lying on Sammy's back, Clark moves from arse to arse. While Petra is double-dicked, Denise and Sammy use some vibes on each other's bums. Kneeling, the girls get showered with spunk and then kiss.

Despite the best efforts of Sammy and Cate, the film doesn't get off to an especially auspicious start, with one of the studs not up to snuff. Fortunately, the performances are a lot better in the rest of the film, although Sammy's intros are stiff and unnatural throughout. Technically, the film is also not without its issues. Orange lighting in Keni's scene makes him look slightly 'tangoed'. Also, the crew and their shadows encroach into a couple of scenes and some strange editing breaks up the flow in places. Those grumbles aside, the film is quite decent and at over four hours in length, there is certainly plenty to see. All the girls put in hard energetic performances. And when it comes to the action, Sammy (or Casey) certainly proves herself to be an anal addict. Dirty Anal Devils is good, but not perfect.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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