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Released: 2008
Director: Jerry Dawson
Notes: Rapture / Temptation
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Running time: 114 mins.

The slightly blurred title sequence, which looks as if it was shot on someone's mobile phone, does not bode well for the quality of the production in Dr MILF Pussy Doctor 3. Those fears are reinforced by the bitty nature of the first scene, featuring some unknown American. Things get no better as we plough through scenes 2, 3 and 4, where an over enthusiastic editor chops and plays with the imagery for no apparent reason.

The fifth and final scene, starring Roxy, is therefore something of a surprise. Sitting in a green armchair, wearing a turquoise plastic bra and skirt, she chats with the cameraman. Bending forward, she pushes her bum into the camera lens and slowly dances. Picking up a long glass dildo, she eases it into her arse and wanders over the room to where a guy sits wanking. Crouching between his legs, Roxy licks the head of his dick, then crams his cock into her gurgling mouth. The camera pans round the room and the colour tones change to a more yellowy hue. Roxy is placed on the sofa to have her bum licked. The guy slips his cheb into Roxy's pussy before moving it into her arse, where it remains for most of the rest of the scene as the two move through various positions. Roxy is DP'd with her toy and the dick. Dripping with sweat, the guy shoots his spunk towards her face.

The final scene with Roxy is so much better and so out of character with what has gone before in the film, I doubt it was originally shot for this movie. If only the rest of the film was of the same standard. But alas, it ain't. Dr MILF Pussy Doctor 3 is in need of urgent medical attention. A miss.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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