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Released: 2009
Director: Dave
Notes: Your Choice
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Running time: 134 mins.

Dave's running a company selling sex toys and Shay, his ex PA and now top saleswoman, is back in the office to interview a new candidate, Kaicee. But before Kaicee arrives, Dave decides to fuck Shay for old times sake. Dave undresses and Shay removes her knickers, gets her tits out and they fuck face to face on the desk and reverse cowgirl on a chair. But as the candidate is about to arrive, they stop.

Shay asks Kaicee, who's wearing a little black dress, to demonstrate the product range - which she does by pulling her panties aside. Shay uses a dildo on herself as the action warms up, ending with knickers off and tits out. Dave returns to conclude the interview and Kaicee has to go through the whole tits-out-knickers-off routine for Dave so that he can fuck her on the desk and chair. When Shay returns, there's a threesome on the carpet and a shared facial.

Dressed in short black skirt and red fishnet stockings, Tallulah visits Dave for some sex advice. This hardly seems necessary, but Dave still offers a large rubber phallus and tweaks her nipples. More practical help is given with extended foreplay, oral both ways and digital stimulation, by which time Dave is naked and Tallulah ready to sit on his cock. Fucking in cowgirl both ways seems to do the trick and Dave cums in Tallulah's mouth to finish off.

Shay brings Alysha round to Dave's, wanting to shoot a bit of girl-girl. Dave is busy but eventually agrees and while he organises himself the girls get started in another room. The girls end up pretty well naked on the floor and then turn their attention to Dave's cock. Once hard and undressed, Dave lies on the floor for Alysha to mount him, then he does her doggystyle while Shay attends, but she keeps clear of Dave's cock on this occasion. Ends with joint facial.

Dave is conducting a sex survey with Scarlett. Surprise surprise it turns out that she loves sex, so Dave needs to record her responses, starting with nipple-sucking. Dave takes her through cock-sucking, pussy licking and cowgirl sex, occasionally making notes on his clipboard. Now completely naked, Dave fucks Scarlett on the sofa then on the carpet. Dave tries a little anal in doggy, but quickly reverts to Scarlett's pussy.

Loz is a physio who has come to Dave's bedroom to treat his groin strain. Unfortunately, Loz's fingers stray too close to Dave's cock and, as it swells in her hand, she takes it in her mouth. Beneath her short grey skirt, Loz is naked, so Dave gets his tongue in her pussy and before long Loz is sitting on his cock. Doggystyle then anal in doggy and reverse cowgirl, before Dave lies back and Loz finishes hime off with her fingers.

Outside in the snow, Dave finds Masie out for a walk - but stark naked under her long coat. Dave drops his trousers and gets his cock sucked before pushing Masie up against a tree and fingering her pussy. Dave fucks Masie doggystyle against the tree, then finds a snow-covered bank to lie her across and fuck her missionary. Returning to his car, Dave lies back and Masie wanks him off before skipping off herself, down the lane.

If you can set aside the unoriginal set-ups and the fact that Dave is the only guy in every scene having fun, then this collection of scenes from his website is not bad. Clearly filmed in various parts of a country cottage that, when not being bedroom or living room, are office and studio. A lot depends on whether you like Dave and whether you mind him getting his leg over so many fit young women. While this film was enjoyable, the talent on show is widely available elsewhere. I enjoyed watching all the girls - and Dave - have a fine old time, but I don't think it's persuaded me to subscribe to his website.

Review by Bayleaf
July 2009

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Directing, starring and naming the movie after himself, Dave is a busy man as he fucks his way through seven girls in five scenes in Dave's Damp Tramps 1. Whether as a sex toy salesman, agony uncle, or just playing snowballs, the girls fall for his charms in these simply shot scenes.

Dave has an opening for head of sales at his sex toy company and discusses the applicants with his trusty secretary, Shay. Whilst the two wait for the first interviewee to arrive, Dave decides to sample Shay's pussy. Slipping down her fluorescent pink panties, Dave sits Shay on the desk and starts to finger. Easing off her top, his tongue moves from her pussy to her boobs. Trousers down, he takes Shay over his desk from behind. Dropping to his swivel chair, he lowers her onto his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. Shay straightens herself up after some missionary work on the table as Kaicee arrives. Wanting to know what experience Kaicee has, the sexy applicant perches on the chair with her legs apart and slips a pink vibe past her knickers. Turned on by what she sees, Shay stuffs a toy in her snatch. Knickers off, Shay buries her face in Kaicee's lap, her tongue darting back and forth. A bottle of lube in hand, Kaicee returns the favour, probing Shay's pussy with a blue toy and holding a vibrator against her clit. The two girls try more and more of Dave's product line. Offered the job, Kaicee's first task is to be fucked by the boss. Not wanting to miss out, Shay licks at the pair as they shag. The three fall to the floor and finish with the girls getting their faces coated in jizz.

Tallulah takes her place beside Dave on the sofa of his 70's styled living room. He puts his hand on her fishnet clad legs as she asks him how to add the spice back into her sex life. A difficult question, but Dave suggests she tries toys and hands her a big pink dong. Lifting her top, he teases her pierced nipples as she strokes between her legs. Dave helps ease the plastic prick into Tallulah's pussy, but thinks she would be better off with the real thing. Dropping his pants, she swallows his length. Strings of spit drip from her chin as she sucks. Holding her black high heels, Dave licks his way across Tallulah's thighs. She gasps when he reaches her clit. Tallulah lowers herself onto his dick and rides. She flops forward onto all fours. Dave moves his dick from her pussy to her arse and bangs away, doggy. Pulling out, he fires his load into her mouth. It trickles over her cheeks. Her sex life is sorted.

Shay brings Alysha round to Dave's office where she hopes to do an audition. With another booking, Dave agrees to stay back if the girls can do something special. Peeling down Shay's pants, Alysha's tongue explores the folds of her pussy. Stripped to her bra and ankle boots, Alysha wants the same from Shay. Falling to the floor, the two 69. The girls grab hold of Dave and yank down his pants. They take turns at devouring his cock. Alysha slips down his shaft, cowgirl, while Shay sits on his face. Twisting, Alysha rides Dave reverse then stands to be filled from behind. Crouching, the girls kiss. Dave jerks his cream over their faces.

Sitting on a sofa in her bare feet, Scarlett agrees to answer Dave's sex survey. Unbuttoning her blouse, Scarlett lifts out her boobs. Dave sucks and strokes them before asking the next question. Leaning over, she takes his dick in her mouth. The scene temporarily judders as Dave directs the cameraman. Proceeding, Scarlett strips to have her arse probed. The two sink down to the floor to shag. A little riding is followed by spoons. Dave shuffles to tongue at Scarlett's pierced pussy lips. Attempting doggy anal, Scarlett prefers man meat in her pussy. Dave gives Scarlett a facial which drips onto her tits.

Loz has been called in to help Dave with a groin strain. Lying him flat on the bed, she gives him some physiotherapy. Massaging his thigh, Loz's hands start to wander. She soon has her fingers wrapped tight round his man muscle. Leaning forward, she fills her mouth. Her lips work their way down the length. Loz's top comes off and Dave bites at her boobs as he's wanked. Lifting her grey skirt, Loz holds her pussy over Dave's face. His tongue starts to dance as the two 69. Shuffling down his body, Loz mounts his rod, then drops forward to be fucked, doggy. Dave moves his dick into her arse as the two bang away. More anal action, this time cowgirl. Loz grabs Dave's dick and he cums over her fingers.

Playing snowballs, Dave spots that Masie has nothing on under her long winter coat. Pushing her up against a tree, he runs his cold hands over Masie's body until his fingers find her fanny. Dropping to her knees, Masie takes out his cock and starts to suck. He teases her pert breasts with the snow, making her nipples hard and erect. Moving to a snow bank, Masie lies back on her coat. Dave pops his cock in, missionary. The two make for his car. Crammed into the back seat, Masie jerks Dave's cock till he cums, then leaves.

Dave must have bags full of charisma as it's not his looks (or his staying power) which the girls go for in this movie. The 'run-ins' to some of the scenes are a little pedestrian and when appearing with Scarlett, Dave appears to forget if he's an actor or the film's director. That aside, the movie is decently produced and performed, with Masie deserving a bravery award for her antics in the snow. Dave's Damp Tramps 1 is a fair film, but not one to go out of the way to get.

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