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Released: 2008
Director: Mike Quasar
Notes: 3rd Degree
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Running time: 130 mins.

It's nice to get a film with more 'mature' girls which doesn't have the word MILF in the title. Dirty Over 30 is a very apt title for the five girls; India Summer, Rhyse Richards, Kylie Ireland, Kitty Caulfield and Brit Lisa Lee appearing as Lisa DeMarco.

Third girl in, Lisa appears from behind a red chiffon curtain wearing leopard print lingerie and matching high heels. Running her finger-less lace gloves over her breasts and across her panties, she saunters across the room to where Mr Pete waits. Backing in to him, he reaches round for her boobs. The pair fall onto the bed, Lisa's knickers sliding down her stocking clad legs. Mr Pete teases Lisa's pussy and arse as she lies face down, then jams his prick into her pussy. Lisa cries out she wants it harder. Mr Pete hammers home. Sitting up, Lisa takes his cock deep into her mouth, then slips the wet shaft into her pussy, spoons. Rolling on top of Mr Pete, she rocks and gyrates on his dick. He slaps her bum leaving it rosy red as they fuck. Kneeling on the crumpled bedding, the two bang away doggy. They slip to the floor where Lisa takes Mr Pete's spunk on her face.

Dirty Over 30 is a master class of how to shoot a film with a single hand held camera. Mike Quasar moves from wide panning shots to intimate close-ups effortlessly and without edits. Almost the entire 20 minute plus first scene featuring India Summer is shot without cuts and, with great transitional movement between positions, the action flows and flows. This style is kept up throughout the film making the sex both hot and natural looking. Dirty Over 30 is one of the best 'more mature' films around and well worth a watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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