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Released: 2008
Director: Blacky Mendez
Notes: Film Erotica
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Running time: 151 mins.

Film Erotica's recent releases have featured a selection of girls who are new to our screens, shot in natural (non-studio based) surroundings. Dirty Little Pictures continues this trend introducing Katie Rose in her first movie, along with newbies Lacy and Rubie Red. The film follows the fortunes of Danish photographer Denice K. who is fascinated by the female form. During a visit to London she encounters a number of girls who help with her art.

After some stock footage of red buses and Trafalgar Square, Denice is seen in the arts section of a book shop, chatting to Katie. Whether we are supposed to know what they are saying is a mystery as the sound track appears to have wandered off. Next day, Katie turns up at Denice's house with Lacy in tow. The girls are to have their photos taken. In her pink lingerie and black stockings, Denice ushers the two into a cluttered and dark lounge. Interested by the form of the girls' bums, Denice peels down their trousers and rubs at their knickers. With Katie and Lacie licking each other's boobs, Denice pulls their panties aside and tongues at some pussy. Katie assists Denice in bringing Lacy to orgasm, then succumbs herself to some finger fucking. Stripping Denice, the girls turn their attention to her pussy and arse. She moans with pleasure.

Standing outside a pub, Katie and Lacy chat to Clark and Keni. The girls invite the pair to their art gallery. Once inside it's clear the boys are more interested in the girls' bodies than abstract images. Taking off their tops, Katie and Lacy play with their boobs, then lean forward to grab the boys' cocks. Kneeling, Katie fills her face with Keni while Lacy wraps her lips round Clark's dick. Settling back on a low sofa, the girls let Clark and Keni see what's under their knickers. The two lap at each other's pussies. Swapping places with the girls, Clark and Keni let the two suck on cheb before Katie rides cowgirl and Lacy bends over to be filled from behind. With Katie and Lacy 69ing, the boys prod their pricks into pussies. Keni fires his load over Lacy's stomach. Clark cums on her tits.

Collaring Jasmine in a newsagents, Denice insists she is just what she needs for her work. Later, Jasmine calls at her hotel, interrupting Denice's session of lust with Pete. Given a glass of wine, she's invited into the bedroom. Pete hides under the duvet as the girls sit on the edge of the bed. Denice loves Jasmine's dress but thinks she'd look better with it off. Pete peeks from under the bed clothes as Denice's hands explore Jasmine's body. Lifting the sheet, Jasmine kisses Pete, then notices something stiffening. She goes down to suck. Denice finishes tonguing Jasmine's bum and joins the dick licking. Slipping off her black knickers, Jasmine lowers herself onto Pete's shaft and rocks. Denice then takes her place on his prick. The girls 69. Jasmine gets fucked doggy on the mound of bedding. Denice rolls onto her back and is taken up the arse. Pete shoots his cream on Denice. Jasmine licks it off.

Denice catches Rubie coming out of a supermarket. She's ideal for her work and is given a card. Ruby turns up at her hotel bedroom. Denice is out, but Keni says she can stay. Desperate for a pee, Rubie disappears. On her return she's got the zip in her shorts stuck. Keni gives a hand and is soon lapping at Rubie's gray knickers. Panties off and Keni's tongue flicks over Rubie's damp pussy. His fingers penetrate her damp hole. Rubie wraps her legs around his back, pulling Keni's face into her fanny as she strokes his head. Her top and bra gone, Rubie fills her mouth with Keni's cock. The two drop onto the sofa to fuck doggy, then spoons. Sitting up, Rubie mounts Keni's rod and rides him. Ready to cum, he coats her tongue with jizz.

Her work done, Denice turns up at the gallery which will stage her exhibition. But the owner has gone away, leaving Clark behind. With nothing else to do, eyes rolling and arms flaying, Denice fucks him.

While it's nice that Film Erotica have taken the effort to introduce new talent, Dirty Little Pictures is not without its problems. Katie and Lacy appear very apprehensive in their girl/girl scene, with constant glances towards the director. Both girls, however, make amends in the following girl/boy scene. Whilst the girls get better as the film progresses, the same cannot be said about the production. Using only natural illumination (or substandard lighting), the whole film is dark and the colours drained and flat. The editing of the film also leaves a lot to be desired, especially in Rubie and Keni's scene with sections of black appearing between the action. Dirty Little Pictures is not one of Film Erotica's better works.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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