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Released: 2004
Director: D Cypher
Notes: Sin City
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Running time: 99 mins.

During her time as an 'exclusive' star to Sin City Studios, Hannah Harper was often cast as the beautiful blonde with evil intent. In Devil's Playground it's a role which she plays again, this time dressed in black PVC, while attempting to entice guys and girls to sign their souls to the devil in exchange for sex.

Holding a gun to Evan Stone's head, Hannah gives him an ultimatum: sign his life away or his brains will be blasted into next week! Pondering his options, he watches Shy Love and Steve Hatcher fuck in front of him, oblivious to his dilemma. How did he get into this position...

Playing cards with a group of guys, Randy Spears recounts his tale of meeting Hannah. A simple signature was all it took for the best sex he ever had. Easing down her shiny black top, Hannah lets him lick her tits. She bends down to take his cock in her mouth. The pair fall back onto the bed. Hannah's long blonde hair falls over her face. Flopping onto her back, she spreads her legs and urges Randy to stuff her hard. Gasping, the two tumble around on the bed, their bodies intertwined as they fuck. Turning onto her side, Hannah guides his cock into her arse and rocks back. Sitting up, Hannah takes Randy's spunk in her mouth. It dribbles down over her chin.

Taking Evan outside, Hannah shows him what to expect once she has his name... Haley Paige and Chris Cannon bang away in front of the pool.

Randy isn't the only one of Evan's friends Hannah has signed up. There's Alex Sanders. He had a session with Brooke and Tory Freeland for selling his soul.

Evan's time is up... What's his decision? As a betting man, Evan has a proposition. If he can make Hannah orgasm, she has to let him go. Unzipping her PVC outfit, Hannah is up for the challenge. She smears her pussy over Evan's face. He reaches out for her tits. Hannah falls forward. burying his dick down her throat. Spit drips off his balls as she gags. Legs splayed, she's ready to be fucked. Evan jabs his wet prick into her pussy. Standing up, Hannah is entered from behind. She drops on all fours to be fucked doggy. Her body glistening with sweat, Hannah is spun upside-down to be pile driven. She bites her lip to hide her pleasure. Evan senses victory as a ripple runs through her body. Pulling out, he cums over Hannah's tits. While they kiss, the contract is ripped up.

Hannah may have been slightly typecast by Sin City, but it's a role she plays particularly well. Here, along with Evan Stone, she carries the plot and while their acting may not be up to Oscar standards, it's good enough to keep the film moving. It's not Hannah's acting ability which is the draw of this film but her hard, hot action - and here she comes up trumps. If you like a story line with your sex then try Devil's Playground.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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