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Released: 2008
Director: Anna Span
Notes: Easy On The Eye
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Running time: 103 mins.

Anna Span and Easy on the Eye have gone back in time in more ways than one for their latest release. The five scenes, featuring girls who have travelled forward from the 1950's to see how things have changed, were originally shot in 2004/5 for Television X. Now they are released in their uncut version for DVD.

Layabout Lay
In her black 50's style suit, complete with matching handbag and hat, Alicia strolls around the gardens of a large house, reading her book on etiquette. Wandering into the lounge she encounters Ian, slouched on the sofa in front of the TV. Shocked at his lack of decorum and attitude, she wants to know what else has changed over 50 years. Lifting her black skirt, Ian sets about showing her as his tongue laps over her pussy. Alicia's prudishness soon disappears as her fingers fumble to undo her white blouse and tweak at her tits. Wanting to find out more, Ian slips his fingers into her damp pussy as a prelude to fucking her. Dropping to the floor, Alicia's boobs joggle as she is taken from behind. The pair fall onto their sides. Sitting up, Alicia sucks at Ian's cock till he's ready to cum. He sprays her face with spunk.

Lavatory Decorum
Catching John pissing in the streets, Amazon severely reprimands him. Dragging him back to his flat, she insists he learns some manners. Lifting her long black evening dress, Amazon sits herself on the toilet to demonstrate how to pee and expects him to do the same. With his trousers undone, she is surprised by the size of his cock. Her lips are drawn to the tip. John suggests some muff munching and the pair move to the lounge. Her dress removed, Amazon slowly sits down on the sofa. John peels off her knickers and starts to lick. Enjoying the sensation, Amazon turns to have her arse tongued before John slips his prick in her pussy. Lowering herself onto John's dick, Amazon admits she prefers the guy to take control and rolls onto her back for some missionary fucking. John runs his cock over her stocking clad legs, then thrusts deep into Amazon's pussy. The scene ends with John jerking his load over Amazon's tits.

Messy Fucker
Surrounded by heaps of clothes and piles of magazines, Mark is aroused from his mess by a knock on the door. Alexis, in her brown checked jacket, barges in. She can't believe the state of the place. Clearing a spot, Alexis sits while Mark showers. He reappears naked. She doesn't know where to look, but has a good idea as to what to pop in her mouth. Alexis's head bobs as she works her way down Mark's length. Slowly stripping to her stockings and suspenders, she lets Mark lick at her shaven snatch. Trapping his cock in her cleavage, her tongue darts and dances over the head. Lying back, her legs wrap round Mark's neck. Alexis pulls his face tight into her fanny. Moving up her body, he slides his prick into her pussy then lies beside Alexis to shag. The two twist round until she's on all fours. Mark fucks her doggy, pulling out to coat her back in cum.

Wash Your Mouth Out
Peeking through a letter box at 21st century man, Poppy is disgusted at the language she hears and decides to tell Tony and Jay off. The boys take no notice of prim and proper Poppy. Tony takes his prick out. This is the cue for Poppy to get up to date. With her tits out of her coral pink top, she starts to suck as her skirt comes off. Lounging back in her basque and stockings, she tempts Tony between her legs. Parting her pussy petals, he licks and squeezes her tits. Poppy wants more - his prick in her damp hole. Opening her legs, he enters. Crouching over Tony's cock, she sinks down and rides reverse. Poppy spins on the dick to face him. Tony bangs away till he can hold back no more. He shoots his spunk over Poppy's black basque. She doesn't know what came over her. Dressing quickly, Poppy apologises and leaves.

Anna Span has her own unique style and Do The Business displays all her traits. Girls looking great in their 50's style outfits, nicely worked scenarios, and well shot sex. The film doesn't have the punch or power of Anna's later work, but it's still a good way to spend an evening.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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