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Released: 2007
Director: Brett Brando
Notes: Naughty America
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Running time: 118 mins.

The scenarios behind the scenes in this film are not hard to follow. Five naughty nannies write up their diaries at the end of each day, detailing the events. In each case it's almost the same. The girls have been caught doing something they shouldn't and have to fuck the boss to keep their job... Not really sophisticated.

First up is Roxy who keeps her reasoning with Tommy Gunn to a minimum, preferring to let her body do the talking. Peeling off her black top, Roxy teases Tommy with her pert boobs. Her hands wander down to his jeans and she unbuttons his flies. Roxy tells how she needs his cock and buries her face in Tommy's lap. Lifting Roxy's checked skirt, Tommy fingers her fanny as his cock disappears into her mouth. Flopping onto her back, Roxy is ready to be fucked. A long, loud session ensues, with Roxy being taken spoons and doggy. She ends up riding Tommy's prick before he eventually cums in her mouth.

If only each of the girls had followed Roxy's example and got on with the action. Sunny Lane, Kimberly Kane and Crissy Moon each start their scenes with a rambling, and presumably unscripted, diatribe of how they have been badly done to... Lots of words and some nearly in English.

The movie is also marred by deplorable picture quality, with fast movements blurring and juddering. It's almost as if the film had been shot on a mobile phone. Finally, the menu system... This is not one of those films that you can press the play button and watch from beginning to end. At the end of each scene you are thrown back to the menu! It's then a case of navigating through to the next girl. Diary of an Nanny is a difficult and not very worthwhile film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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