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Released: 2007
Director: Christoph Clark
Notes: Evil Angel
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Running time: 138 mins.

Following on from her successful appearance in the first of Christoph Clark's Dressed to Fuck films, Isabel Ice now stars in his third outing. This time she's paired with the big-breasted Brit, Josephine James. In keeping with his other two films in the series, Christoph employs the curvaceous and 'slightly more mature' actresses. This time it's Europeans Bonny Bon and Kassey, along side the youth of Alice Ricci and Evelyne Foxy.

After the amazing bum banging antics of Bonny Bon and the classroom capers of Alice and Evelyne, Isabel and Josephine appear in their scene.

Sitting by the kitchen table, Josephine feels down when husband Stefan Hard has to go off to work. Alone, she sulks, even when Isabel calls round with a surprise for her. Reluctantly, Josephine joins Isabel in the lounge where her mood picks up when she gets a chance to grope Omar and David's pricks. Settling down between the guys in her salmon pink blouse, she starts to suck. Isabel offers encouragement before joining in herself. The girls take the guys deep down their throats. Josephine lifts out her boobs to give David's damp cock a tit wank. It disappears in her cleavage. Isabel slips out of her white dress and leans forward to nibble at Josephine's nipples. The guys tug and pull at her dangling boobs. Omar licks at Isabel's arse. She drops onto his cock. Watching, Josephine fingers herself, making her juices flow. Spinning round, Isabel eases a cock into her arse. Josephine lies beside her being fucked missionary. She gets on all fours to have her bum filled. With Isabel's arse gaping, Omar squeezes in four fingers as Josephine laps at his dick before moving to Isabel's clit. With her insatiable appetite for cock, Isabel gets the guys to double-dick her while Josephine sucks at her tits. Not wanting to be left out, Josephine rides David's shaft up her arse reverse. The incessant hammering down makes her squirt. The guys jerk their loads into the girls' mouths as Stefan arrives home. Knowing how lonely Josephine must have been, he has brought mates Tony James and Keni Styles to shag her. Never wanting to turn down cock, the girls set about giving the two a blow job. Within a few minutes the boys fire their loads. Kissing, the two swap spunk. Seeing the fun Isabel and Josephine are having, Stefan showers their faces with his jizz.

This is another top quality film from Christoph Clark, showing it's possible to have fun with some of your clothes still on. Isabel, as usual, was dirty and as hot as hell and although Josephine tried hard, she couldn't quite keep up with Isabel's sexual antics. The other four girls in the film also turned in steamy performances, with Kassey and Bonny being a revelation. The first two films in the Dressed to Fuck series were first class. This one matches them.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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