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Released: 2006
Director: Roy Alexandre
Notes: Blue Coyote Pictures / Avalon
Alternate Titles
  • Roy Alexandre's Devils In Disguise
  • Titten Time Magma
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 120 mins.

Busty Christina Jolie creates havoc whereever she goes, be it out on the piste having sex in the snow or involved in multi-girl action at her local aerobics class with Sandra di Marco, Carol Luv and friends. All is captured by director Roy Alexandre in this European made film which is aimed at the American market.

In the final scene, Christina and Alexis offer a cleaning service and their first customer is George Uhl. The girls start work in the bathroom, wiping walls and mopping floors. Turning on the shower, Christina squirts Alexis' top, the wet cotton clings to her boobs. Alexis gets her own back, dowsing Christina. The two strip out of their wet clothes and rub each other down with soap. George returns to find the place a dripping shambles. Pulling out his cock, Alexis starts to lick. With Christina joining in he can overlook the mess this time. The girls breasts brush against George's thighs as they suck. Alexis stands with one leg raised and guides him into her pussy. Leaning forward, her boobs sway as she is filled from behind. The three climb into the bath. Christina slides down George's shaft as he buries his face in Miss May's muff. After fucking Christina doggy style, Alexis takes him missionary. Pulling out, he coats her clit with cream.

Alexis' scene with Christina is like the rest of the film - slow to start and with very stilted dialogue. Once the action gets going though things start to pick up and the sex is very nicely shot. To call Christina a revelation is going a little bit over the top, but she appears to enjoy herself throughout and puts in good performances with both girls and guy. Even when shagging in freezing cold snow. For fans of big natural boobs and Alexis May, this should be in your collection.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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