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Released: 2006
Notes: DNA
  • Jamie Brooks scene repackaged from from Here Comes the Bride 3
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 111 mins.

An impressive cast, which includes Lauren Phoenix and Gia Jorden alongside the Brit Jamie Brooks, doesn't make Dirt Bags No. 1 a good film. The five unrelated boy/girl scenes get progressively shorter as the film goes on. Great for Laura fans as, first up, she appears for 32 minutes. Jamie fans will feel short changed. She appears last and her scene runs for just over 15.

In her wedding gown with bouquet in hand, Jamie appears with veteran star Randy Spears in a mirror ceilinged bedroom. Noticing a bulge in his pants, Jamie slips her hand in to investigate. Releasing her boobs from her dress, she lifts her skirt and forces Randy's face into her fanny. He tongues her clit as his fingers enter her fanny. Cock out, he gets a blow job from Jamie, her tits resting on his thighs as her head bobs, swallowing. Spit drips from his balls. She lies back on the bed and Randy licks Jamie's toes as he fucks her. She slips out of her dress to mount his tool. He eases it into her arse. The two fall onto their sides to finish the session, Randy pulling out to coat Jamie's face in jizz.

The film has the look and feel of a mediocre compilation with unintelligible lead in dialogue to the action and strange set-ups - Aria shagging in boxing gloves!! From the doubtful production quality of some of the scenes, DNA must have been rummaging round the cutting room floors of the major studios for this one. Dirt Bags No. 1 isn't really worth finding.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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