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Released: 2007
Director: Christoph Clark
Notes: Evil Angel
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Running time: 178 mins.

Take four sexy British stars, Isabel Ice, Karlie Simon, Michelle B and Rio Mariah. Add Marsha Lord, Bonny Bo and Winnie. Then mix them using one of Europe's top directors Christoph Clark, in a large Hungarian mansion. What do you get? Three hours of hot, hard action with girls who are Dressed to Fuck.

Isabel Ice, dressed in black, is led down a curved staircase by red-haired Marsha Lord. Omar, Mike and Jean wait at the bottom for the girls. Isabel stands alone, a cock in each hand. Marsha jerks away. Dropping to her knees, Isabel joins in, feeding dick down her throat. Ushering her away, Marsha gags on the three guys, cramming their man-meat into her mouth. The girls crawl over the marble floor to the sofa and start to kiss. The boys aren't far behind. Their knickers pulled to one side, the pair have their arses fingered. Isabel moves in to taste Marsha's pussy. Her digits enter her gaping hole. The guys help out, spit-roasting Marsha and fucking Isabel up the arse. The three move round giving both girls a hard hammering. Seeing Marsha being DP'd, Isabel goes over and manages to wangle a toy into her bum. It's then her turn to be double-dicked. Crouching before the guys, the two get their faces spattered in spunk.

In her white high heel sandals and leopard print dress, Michelle sits on the sofa. Beside her is Karlie. As the camera pans between the girls, they could be taken for twins. Opening her legs, Karlie flashes her black knickers from beneath her denim skirt as she leans over to stroke Michelle's breasts. Michelle places Karlie's hand inside her panties and gets her to rub. The girls kiss as Jazz enters. Dropping to the floor, Jazz licks his way up Michelle's thighs ending at her pussy. Juices drip as she's played with. She leans to lap at Karlie's arse. Michelle moves to deep throat Jazz. Karlie joins in, jamming the cock in her mouth. Lounging back on the sofa, Michelle is shagged missionary. She tastes herself before Karlie is done doggy. The sofa squeaks as the couple bang away. Crouched, and with a face full of man meat, Michelle pisses herself. Karlie masturbates as she watches. Michelle eases the cock into her arse and rides reverse. With Karlie tonguing the pair, they fall onto their sides and pound away. Ready to cum, Jazz jerks himself over Michelle's tits and face, then leaves. Greg arrives to find the girls covered in cum but he doesn't let that stop him. His cock out, the two lick. Karlie lies him down and mounts cowgirl, Michelle rubs her fanny over his face. The girls bend over to be fucked in their pussies and arses. Grabbing Greg's shaft, Karlie wanks his cream into Michelle's mouth.

Wearing a split-sided dress, a slightly orange looking Rio dances for Steve Homes and Dave Perry. Loosening the halter on her dress, the top falls away to expose her tits. Rio bends over, letting her boobs gently swing as her bum is spanked. She fills her throat with Steve then turns to suck at Dave. The action moves to the large leather sofa. With Steve's finger up her arse, she mounts his cock. Dave climbs on beside them to get a blow job. Filling her arse full of lube. Rio slaps her clit as cock is fed into her bum. She invites the guys to fuck her pussy as well. Shouting and screaming, Rio is shagged spoon before more DP action. Placing her on the floor the guys pile drive into both her holes, singly at first, then together. She still wants dick. Covered in sweat, Rio takes turns riding the guys reverse. Eventually they can hold back no longer and shower her face in cum.

This film proves that whatever the Americans can do, the Europeans can do better. Christoph Clark has the settings, pace and action spot on and this is matched by the performances of all involved. Dressed to Fuck is also one of those rare films where Isabel Ice is out done in the 'naughtiness' stakes by the amazing anal antics of Marsha Lord. With mature blonde Winnie and Bonny Bo both putting in stunning scenes, Dressed to Fuck is a winner.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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