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Released: 2006
Director: Ben Hoffman
Notes: Danni Ashe Inc, also features Celestia Star - a British model who's work is all in the USA
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Running time: 91 mins. + 46 min. bonus

Danni's House of MILF's consists of a number of scenes which were originally shot for Cable and broadcast in the States. On a set which looks as if it has come straight from an American TV chat show, busty blonde Kelly Madison conducts interviews with a number of female stars from the adult industry. Only instead of a microphone she has a dildo in her hand.

As the second 'chat' starts, Kelly leans forward and sucks at Celestia's erect nipples. Then, lying back, she invites Celestia to nuzzle her muff. The talk is brief. Bending over, Celestia wants to try a vibrator in her arse. With Kelly's boobs resting on her back, she works in a slim blue toy. Picking up a whirring rabbit, Kelly thrusts it deep into her pussy. Her body jolts and jumps. She challenges Celestia to see who can toy the longest without climaxing. Turning onto her side, Celestia cries out as a vibrator is eased into her arse and another held tight against her clit. Eventually she has a shuddering orgasm. The girls lie, their legs intertwined, while Kelly takes her turn. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Celestia turns the power up full and slips a toy into her own pussy.

The picture fades into the fourth scene to reveal Sophie deep throating Kelly's strap-on. Dampening her fingers, Sophie spreads her pussy as she talks. Kelly has a big purple plastic prick for her pussy. Sophie gurgles with the toy down her throat. The wet shaft then slips deep between her legs. Rolling over onto all fours, Sophie fingers herself in preparation to have her arse filled with Kelly's strap-on. The girl's boobs bounce and sway as they thrash away on the red couch. Sophie turns onto her side to be take spoons. Wanting to see if Sophie can climax with anal sex, Kelly bashes away at her bum till she cums.

Kellemarie features in the long bonus scene. Sitting in her black lingerie and bright red high heels, she interviews Jezebelle Bond about her life and work. As Jezebelle starts to answer, Kellemarie strokes at her thighs and rubs the front of her panties. Lifting out her boobs, she nibbles at her nipples, putting Jezebelle completely off her stride. Lifting up a wicker basket full of toys, Kellemarie makes her choice. A buzzing yellow vibe is slipped into Jezebelle's pussy. Describing her favourite sex scene, Kellemarie eases a double-ended dong between Jezebelle's legs and eases the free end into her own pussy. The girls grind their way towards each other. More toys come out of the basket. The girls try them out on each other, then taste the results. The interview ends with the two 69ing, Jezebelle's answers muffled by Kellemarie's fanny in her face.

Danni's House of MILF's is definitely not your normal chat show. Cleverly made, with the odd mistake here and there, it gives the impression the scenes were recorded live with little rehearsal. Whilst the girl-on-girl action is hot, the same cannot be said about Kelly and Kellemarie's interviewing skills, but both girls do enough to keep the scenes moving along. The film is something different from the usual girl/girl movie and deserves a viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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