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Released: 2006
Director: Mark Kismet
Notes: Hustler
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DVD  23.99 EUR Orgazmik: Desperate House Whores 7 Hustler/LFP 3
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Notes and Reviews

Running time: 111 mins.

We've all seen the TV make over shows where a gang turn up to transform the house or the garden. In Desperate Housewhores 7, Mark Kismit has taken the idea one step further, transforming girls' sex lives. Dowdily dress Layla, Shannon Kelly, Kelly Broox, Megan Joy and Isabel Ice are just waiting for that knock on the door.

Fourth girl in, Isabel has just had a row with her boyfriend about another girl when Mark calls. Wanting to get her own back, she can't wait to be fucked roughly by a porn star. Whisked off to the studio, she is introduced to Claudio. He doesn't say much, but actions speak louder than words. Undoing her bra, he slaps her tits. She pulls at his pants to get at the prick, then pops it into her mouth. Spit dribbles down Claudio's cock as Isabel deep throats. Nipping her nose, she sputters. Claudio sits Isabel on his lap and his dick slips past her panties. She bangs down hard against his balls. A little more licking and Isabel falls onto all fours. With a cock in her fanny, she tugs at her clit. Rolling and squirming, Isabel plonks her pussy on Claudio's face. Bending forward, she fills her mouth with man meat. To end the session, Isabel is shagged spoons. Claudio drops his jizz on her tongue. She smiles. It's all gone.

With 5 decent boy/girl scenes, the film is well made and produced. The experienced Isabel and Kelly Broox both put in hot and energetic performances. The three other relatively new girls all did well in their scenes. The film may not be an award winner but it is a good evening's viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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