< Don't Kiss Me Just Fuck Me 2

Released: 2007
Director: Nick Green
Notes: Nickel-Ass Productions
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Running time: 131 mins.

If you're going to make a straightforward dirty fuck movie in your living room then you can do worse than follow the example of Nick and Delyth Green and hire in some of the dirtiest girls on the Brit scene at the moment. Get a few well hung studs, put them together with the girls and simply film the results as they get on with it. This sequel to DKMJFM carries on in the same vein, with Nick asking a few tried and tested questions before letting nature take its course. Although I'm sure that the answer to "why have you come to Nickel-Ass Productions today?" has less to do with "I get a good fucking" than the decent fee.

Nick pairs curvy northern sexpots Jaynie and Natalie to take on well hung Danny Boy. While Danny is stripped for action from the off, dress code for the girls is black basques and fishnets. Danny fucks both girls in turn on the black leather sofa in missionary and doggy, his cock moving backwards and forwards between the two gaping pussies. Both girls have dildos when they feel their pussies aren't getting enough attention, before Danny's cock slips up Jaynie's arse and Natalie gives a little atm. Scene ends with facials for both girls.

Starr, in just stockings and suspenders (can't these girls afford knickers?), is back for another fucking on Nick's black leather sofa. This time it's black dude Sensi providing 200mm of cock which, after some mutual oral, slips up Starr's cunt in reverse cowgirl. Swapping to conventional cowgirl, Starr takes Sensi's cock up her arse, followed by terrific reverse cowgirl and doggystyle with a dildo in Starr's pussy completing the DP. Ends with a facial.

Samantha Bond takes on Steve Hooper and Danny Boy on a large sofa. Everyone is stripped and ready for action at the start of the scene and Samantha is soon impaled on cock. She keeps one cock in her mouth and one in her pussy as she's fucked in doggy and cowgirl by both guys. Anal sex follows in doggy and, as Sam spreads her long legs wide, in missionary. Samantha then takes a cock in each hole in reverse cowgirl on the floor and reverse cowgirl on the sofa before getting her face covered in cum.

Finally it's Faye's turn to take on Steve and Johnny Deep. Faye, in cut-away bra and black hold-ups, gives a running commentary whenever her face isn't full of cock. This is a relatively short scene so it's not long before Faye is DP'd in cowgirl on the floor and anal from Steve Hooper in reverse on the sofa. Nick has a custom-made steel stool which Faye lays across allowing the guys to stand and fuck her before shooting over her face.

All the sex here is fast and furious and accompanied by a relentless rock track, however Nick has thoughtfully provided a facility to watch the film without the music track so one's ears are only assaulted by the noise of the performers. Well filmed and with some nice editing touches, although the use of the Green's black sofa in front of a big window means we often get better exposure on Nick's garden than we do on the performers.

The DVD also has 10 minutes of behind the scenes footage and four sixty-second promo clips of the girls. At just over 2 hours this is good value too.

Review by Bayleaf
September 2007

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Having watched and not really enjoyed the first Don't Kiss Me film by Nick Green, I was in two minds whether or not to view volume 2. Having now watched the film, I know I've made the right choice. Still shot on Nick's sofa, in his living room, the production quality has improved and the editing is a lot tighter, making this a far better film than the original.

In their black PVC basques and stockings, Natalie and Sabrina tell Nick how much they want to suck cock. Fingering herself, Natalie's tongue starts working on Sabrina's clit, but that's soon forgotten about when Danny arrives. With Natalie's face full of fanny, Sabrina crams cock into her mouth. Joining in the sucking, the pair work their way along Danny's shaft, then push their way in back onto the sofa to stick dick past their tonsils. Reaching out, Danny slides a finger or two into the girls' pussies as they bang. Kneeling on the sofa, Sabrina is shagged from behind. Next to her, Natalie fingers her holes. Danny moves along the sofa to prod his prick into Natalie's pussy, before moving back for more doggy banging with Sabrina. Rolling onto her back, Sabrina spreads her legs to be taken missionary. Natalie bends forward to taste her juices. More hard banging for the girls, then they lie over each end of the sofa holding onto their heels as their throats are fucked. Jamming a vibrator into Natalie's pussy, Sabrina gets Danny's cock in her arse. Sabrina tries the toy as Natalie gets shafted. With both girls crouched before him, Danny jerks his spunk over their faces.

After an introduction in reverse colour, Starr tells Nick she wants her pussy stuffed. Normal colour returns as Starr, kneeling in front of Sensi in her red basque and stockings, packs his prick into her mouth. Stretching out, Sensi grabs a handful of Starr's swollen labia and slips his fingers into her cunt. Sensi moves down to eat pussy. Starr pushes him onto his back and, with her eyes streaming, feeds his dick down her throat. Climbing aboard the mammoth member, Starr rocks and grinds against his balls. Her hair plastered down with sweat, she tastes her handiwork. Crouched again over the cock, she sinks onto the shaft. Her rocking and gyrating force her toes through her black stockings. Turning to face Sensi, Starr shoves his dick up her arse and spins round on his manhood. Leaning over the sofa, Sensi fills Starr's pussy with a lime green dildo and adds his cock to her arse. Starr waits open-mouthed as Sensi shoots his load over her face.

Another strange colour combination for Samantha Bond's introduction, as she lets Nick know she wants to be hammered hard. Danny and Steve sit at either end of the sofa. Samantha crawls toward the boys to get at their cocks. The two move together. Samantha shoves their shafts into her face. Danny drops to the floor, licking pussy as she sucks. Boobs swaying, Samantha is taken doggy. Danny roles over to let her ride his dick as she deep throats Steve. Swapping places, Steve takes a turn, thrusting deep into Samantha's shaven snatch before jamming his cock into her arse. A lot more sucking and fucking for Samantha on the sofa, before all three fall to the floor for some double-dick action. Samantha ends the scene with her face getting coated in cream.

In her black PVC and chain bra, Faye tosses a coin with Nick to decide if she can have one cock or two. The result was never in doubt as Steve and Ben arrive, their members at the ready. Crouching between the boys, Faye takes a cheb in each hand and jerks them into her mouth as her tits are twisted and tweaked. Never mind the pussy, Faye want a dick deep in her arse. Ben does the business. Easing her way along Steve's body, she plonks her pussy on his prick. Ben adds his cock to her bum. Faye eases Steve's dick up her arse and rides him cowgirl. Her bum smacks into his thighs. Nick has a present for Faye - a revolving stool. Stretched out, the boys spin Faye round as they spit-roast her. With Steve cumming over Faye's face, he's dismissed. She gets Ben to grovel as he tongues her cunt. Faye wants more pussy and bum banging from Ben, then jerks him off over her face. His jizz spatters the camera lens.

The film doesn't pretend to be anything other than hard, raw, sex from beginning to end, and with five of the hottest and dirtiest girls going, it succeeds. Unlike the first outing of Don't Kiss Me Just Fuck Me, the production and presentation of the film are far better. The viewer can choose to watch the inter-scene credits and for those who watch late at night, the rock sound track is an optional extra. So you don't need to wake the neighbours. There are still a few minor irritations, like the peppering of scenes with the flash from the stills camera, but you can live with that. If you want two hours of none stop action, Don't Kiss Me... 2 is worth a watch.

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