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Released: 2006
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 156 mins.

Using Gazzman, one of the best directors around, and five stunning sexy girls, Harmony have added another film to their 'Fuck Me' series. This time it stars the blonde Hungarian bombshell Dora Venter. As well as Dora, the film features the stunning slim Frankie, 'naughty' Poppy Morgan, Katy Karo and Julie, in five hot erotic scenes.

In her black lace top and matching knickers, Dora works her fingers over her pussy as she introduces each scene, Poppy and Katy appear in the first.

In a long, dark, pink evening dress, Poppy sips champagne by a beautifully-lit swimmimg pool. Katy Karo stands beside her. The girls start to kiss. Poppy caresses Katy's breasts through her silk blouse as the two head for a lounger. Peeling down her knickers, Poppy tongues and fingers, making the blue eyed blonde Katy moan with pleasure. A guy arrives and Poppy guides his prick into Katy's tight arse, lapping the shaft as it enters. As she plays with her clit, the cock is pushed deep into her pussy. Poppy teases the two, wanking on the guy's dick as she rubs it over Katy's smooth snatch. As Katy slowly slides down the manhood, Poppy rips open her top to suck her tits. Her dress on the ground, Poppy leans over, her tits hanging out of her blue spotty bra. The girls swap places and she slides the cock into her cunt and starts to bounce. With Katy's hands running over her body, Poppy shoves the dick deep into her arse and gyrates. Clasping the cock tightly, the girls lick the length of the shaft and the guy cums over their faces.

Showing why she is one of the best girls around, Dora appears in the second scene. She takes on four huge cocks and smiles throughout.

With a mouth full of braces, Julie proves she is no slouch when it comes to dick, managing two at once in the next scene.

Leaning forward over a swinging lounger, Frankie hikes up her denim mini skirt and slips a finger into her bum. Pulling her cheeks apart, the dark haired beauty wants her arse filled with cock. Licking her bright red lips, she moans as a guy enters her from behind and the lounger gently rocks as he thrusts in deeply. Turning, Frankie sucks the dick, then bends back over. She squeezes her erect nipples as both her holes get plugged. Stripped, Frankie lies with her legs stretched wide and the lounger swings as the guy pounds away. Frankie swallows his cock, her nose pressed hard against his belly. The spit covered dick is rammed back in her bum doggy. Positioning herself on the grass, Frankie is pile driven, the guy hammering away at her arse. He shudders as he fires his cum up her bum. Frankie scoops it up with her fingers and licks.

Frankie appears again in the last scene. Dressed in lemon and pink lingerie and white stockings, she is down on all fours on Dora's petal-covered bed. Licking and kissing her arse, Dora eases a knobbled glass dildo into Frankie's behind. Katy is at the other side of the bed and she gets the same treatment. Pouring a quantity of lube over the girls' bums, Dora fingers and toys the pair. All three lick the juices off the glass rod and beg to be fucked. A cock appears and Dora fills her mouth as she parts Katy's arse ready to accept it. Frankie's bum is prised open and the cock pushed in. Dora directs the bum banging of the girls then climbs between Frankie's legs to lap at her fanny as she is being fucked. The girls decide it's Dora's turn and plant her pussy firmly on the prick. Pulling down her maroon basque, they chew her tits as she grinds away. A mouth full of lube is dribbled over Dora's bum as the cock disappears into her arse. All three lie back to be taken missionary. Finally the guy pops his load into Dora's pussy and the other two girls lap at her creamed cunt.

Harmony are producing top quality films and this is no exception. The opening scene is one of the best 'night' shots I have seen, beautifully lit, brilliantly shot and with Poppy as well. As for the other performances, top marks to all, Frankie produced two excellent scenes. Dora was truly amazing throughout and for her fans the film has a good 15 minute interview with her in the extras where she talks about her life as a nurse and her seven years in films. Dora Venter's Fuck Me has to be one of the 'Must See' films of the year.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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