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Released: 2006
Director: John Mason?
Notes: Rude Britannia / Big Ben Films
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 112 mins.

Dark Haired and Dirty is one of two 'balancing' films brought out by Rude Britannia/Big Ben, the other being Blondes Have More Fun. Just as you have day and night or left and right, Big Ben have addressed the situation and produced Blonde and Dark Haired girls in a matched pair of films. Fans of Brunettes will notice Dark Haired and Dirty has one more girl and one more scene than the the film's Blonde counterpart, but as the running length is only a couple of minutes more I think it's all evens. For those who know John 'Johnny Rebel' Mason's work, the settings are very familiar and, though not credited, the film bares his stamp.

Kneeling on the bed, John pulls Tiffany's black dress over her head and slips down her red knickers as she wanks on his cock. The two kiss as she climbs onto his shaft for some cowgirl action, Tiffany holding herself above his prick as he hammers up into her pussy. Breathing deeply, Tiffany rolls onto her back to be taken missionary. A quick change of position and she finds John thrusting into her cunt from behind, she turns and licks his knob as if it were a lolly. Spoons and reverse cowgirl follow in quick succession and Tiffany ends by jerking John over her tongue.

In a sunny Portuguese garden, Pascal undoes Renee's turquoise top and sets about sucking her tits. Crouching, she fills her face with his dick, her tongue running over its length before she slips it down her throat. Pascal holds her hair as she laps at his balls. Spread out on a white towel and with her knickers off, Pascal finger fucks Renee as she tugs on his cock. The dappled sunlight plays over the pair as they hump, Renee opening her legs wide to take the full benefit of Pascal's prick. The two 69 with spit and saliva dribbling, then Renee slides down Pascal's body to get the wet tool in her hole. The fucking gets faster as the duo fall onto their side. Ending on all fours, Renee's body jolts as Pascal pounds her pussy. He pulls out and she fingers herself as he showers her face in cum.

In a fluffy pink bra and panties, Miyah (as Lisa) is next up on the bed with Pascal. Playing with her tits she bends forward to devour his dick. Bra and knickers discarded, Pascal licks and finger fucks Lisa's fanny making her body shudder. Legs right back, Pascal enters her pussy, Lisa grabbing the headboard as they shag. After licking her juices from his prick she mounts him reverse, her swollen lips stretching as she rocks back and forth. Swivelling round, Pascal picks Lisa up and she hangs round his neck as they fuck. Back on the bed, Lisa rubs her clit as her pussy is pumped. She wants Pascal up her arse. On hands and knees, Lisa's bum is banged. Pascal finishes by firing his load over her face.

Eliza hitches up her brown dress and bends forward to wrap her lips around Calvin's big dick. Closing her eyes she takes the huge tool into her mouth, her long dark hair falling over his thighs as she sucks. Removing her black knickers she settles her pussy down on his staff and Calvin helps her off with her dress as they bounce. Her big ear hoops dangling, Eliza laps at the damp prick then climbs back aboard for more riding, flopping back as the manhood fills her fanny. The two run through various positions ending with Eliza flat on her stomach halfway off the bed being fucked doggy. About to cum, Calvin covers Lisa's bum with jizz.

The final girl is big boobed Alexis Silver who performs with Pascal. Slipping off her grey top, Pascal plays with one of Alexis' tits as she sucks at the other. Lying on her back he descends to her fanny where fingering and tonguing are the order of the day. Positioning her self between Pascal's legs, Alexis pops his knob in her mouth, her tits brush against his thighs as her head bobs. Shouting for her pussy to be fucked, Pascal fills her spoons. Falling on her front, Pascal continues to probe her pussy. Alexis wants to ride dick and her big boobs sway as she drives down on his shaft. The pair end banging away missionary, Pascal emptying his balls over Alexis' tits.

It has Renee, it has Miyah - is there anything more a fan of brunettes could want? The scenes are all well done and the action from all is hot, though it looks very familiar. As the film progresses you wonder are these new or re-released work in a different order ... Eliza has performed with Calvin before in the same room and the same dress ... Even if not all the scenes are new, Dark Haired and Dirty is a decent watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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