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Released: 2006
Director: Rob Stone
Notes: Rob Stone Films
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Running time: 118 mins.

Rob Stone has always produced hard and hot films. With Dare Devils he has used three of the dirtiest girls in the business - Miyah, Jane and Isabelle - to see how far the BBFC will go. When you add Charlie and Tammy to the mix, the result is explosive.

The film starts where most others would end, Miyah with her little red horns taking a face full of cum. As the camera pulls out you realise she is in a phone box in the middle of town. Can the other girls match her dare?

Out for a walk with Jane, Miyah wants to see just how far she will go. As they cross a river she lifts up Jane's pink coat and pulls her black knickers to one side to fill her arse with a douche. Sticking her bum through the railings she turns herself into a water cannon. Next she is taken to a busy road. Standing by a tree, Jane wanks herself with a steel dildo as the traffic roars by. On the way back to the flat, Miyah pulls on a strap-on and fucks Jane on a footbridge as the cars thunder beneath. Having passed her dares, it's time for Jane's surprise. She had always wanted to be fucked like a rabbit and now is her chance. When Tony James turns up at the flat, the floor is strewn with straw and Jane is in her hutch champing at a carrot. He sticks his cock into the cage - she prefers man meat to veg. When Jane is let out, Miyah uses a carrot and a cucumber in her cunt. This is soon swapped for Tony's cock. With Miyah sucking her tits, she rides Tony reverse. The two roll over so she can take his dick in her arse doggy. Her pussy is jabbed with a carrot as they shag. More pussy and bott banging follow before Jane is put pack in her cage. She chews on a bowl of lettuce which Tony coats in his special mayonnaise. Jane eats it.

Out and about in the town, Miyah takes Charlie down a back lane. Lifting her jumper she sucks on her tits. Both girls hike up their skirts and, causing clouds of steam, have a piss. Back on the main street, they sit beside a sleeping tramp and finger each other's fannies. The pair end in a graffiti covered flat where Charlie, in her white fishnet one piece, climbs into a cum-covered inflatable pool and is made to lick it clean while Miyah fingers and spits in her arse. A guy joins the girls, cock in hand, and Charlie deep throats it, then lies back against the side to have her tonsils fucked. Ripping off her one piece, Miyah pulls on Charlie's nipples as she inserts a stainless steel rod in her pussy. With her pussy wide open, a jug of cream is poured into Charlie's cunt and Miyah uses a plastic pipe as a straw. The guy pushes his prick into the swimming pussy, cream oozes out. Time for a wash out before Charlie gets her arse drilled. Miyah joins in the anal action, licking arse juice from the guy's dick. Taking the guy's load in her mouth, Charlie stretches open Miyah's bum and dribbles into her back passage.

The next girl up for a dare is Tammy. In her thigh-length boots, black PVC skirt and short white top, she is led through the park on a chain. The girls head for the flat where, in the kitchen, Tammy is presented with an array of fruit and veg. She gags as she takes a banana down her throat. Miyah catches her spit in a bowl. Mixing it with cream Tammy goes down on her hands an knees to lap it up. Tammy's arse is probed by Miyah's tongue. A banana is then eased into her tight hole and she lifts her cream covered face to eat it. Starters over, time for the veg course - Miyah pours cream down Tammy's bum crack as she wanks her with a carrot, she licks at the white sticky mess. Using a tube and a funnel Tammy's bum is filled with cream. Miyah sticks the other end in her own arse hole to transfer the fluid. The session ends with a can of spray-on cream. Tits covered, Miyah slides back and forth over Tammy's body before covering her cunt and bum. The girls kiss in the sticky mess.

Rooting around in a pile of rubbish, Miyah and Tony find Isabelle. They give her a swig at a wine bottle then ram it up her arse. Grabbing a torch, Miyah gives a whole new meaning to the saying flash your bum. Isabelle wants her face fucked and Tony is joined by a second guy to do it. Isabelle takes both cocks in her mouth, Miyah using the bottle again on her bum. The boys bang away at both ends, cramming cocks into Isabelle's cunt and mouth. On all fours, Miyah finds a pop bottle and gives her an isotonic enema. Sliding her wet arse down a cock, Isabelle wants to be DP'd, both boys in her bum. Her hole gaping, Isabelle is pushed onto her shoulders to be pile driven. One of the guys cums in her bum, the other over her face. Covering her with rubbish again, the three leave.

In a black dress and stockings, Miyah crouches in a subway and plugs her pussy with a big black toy while traffic rumbles overhead. By now Rob's flat is a tip - it needs cleaning. Dragging a suitcase from the cupboard, he unzips it and Miyah steps out, dressed in her maids outfit. He wants some polishing done and she can start on his cock. Miyah crouches, her lips work their way towards his balls, strings of spit dripping off the end. On her hands and knees, Miyah starts to scrub the floor. Rob lifts her skirt, sticking his wet shaft deep in her cunt. The shagging continues as she irons. Laid across the board, Miyah has her arse hammered and her swollen pussy lips flap. On the floor, Miyah takes a jug of water up her arse before being pile driven. Hungry, the pair head to the kitchen. Stretching open her lips, Rob cracks two eggs into her pussy and a dash of milk - her minge mixer is ideal for making omelettes. Squatting over a hot pan, she squirts out the mix. It tastes fine. Crouched on the drainer, egg and pussy juices drip out as Miyah is fucked up the arse. She lies back, mouth open to take another egg and Rob squirts in his special ingredient - a cock full of spunk. Miyah swallows.

Well what can you say? Five hot girls being totally dirty. Some may find the action a little too much for their taste. Rob Stone has certainly produced a scorcher. And if Dare Devils is not enough the DVD contains Miyah in a 10 minute Double Dare short where she sucks, fucks, fingers and pisses in public!! I'll never look at an omelette in the same way again after watching Dare Devils.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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