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Released: 2006
Director: Big Jim
Notes: Adult Made AM005
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Nowadays itís unusual to find a b/g porn title which focuses on a single female performer. Many of the most erotic novels do this; so, though there is one scene which features another girl (Scotti Andrews), itís very welcome to find a modern DVD which does so. Here the star in question is the perfectly formed Nikki Sun. Nikki is a magical figure who turns up just when needed by the males who feature in the frustrating situations depicted in each scene. She then proceeds to relieve the frustrations, of both the situations and the men.

In the first scene two male flatmates are facing a boring evening in. Several ways of spending the evening are suggested and rejected. They fantasise about making a wish and having it come true. Itís not difficult to guess the sort of thing they wish for. Thereís a ring at the doorbell. Nikki stands outside with a couple of pizza boxes and tells them she has come for the party. They deny that there is a party there, but she manages to convince them that there is, in a very physical way. (Anal, one facial, one cumshot over tits.)

In the second scene Nikki materialises in front of a lonely man who is in the middle of writing a suicide note and convinces him that there is something to live for after all. (Anal, facial.)

The third scene has her distracting a couple (of whom the female is the new, slimline and blonde Scotti Andrews) from their running argument and turning it into a threesome in their kitchen. (g/g, joint bj and facial.)

In the fourth Nikki appears in front of a grumbling road sweeper and drags him into her stretch limo for a bit of job satisfaction which he never knew the job involved. (Anal, cumshot over tits.)

Finally she takes pity on shivering, homeless, Mark Marais and takes him back to her apartment to warm him up Ė and not only with a hot bath. (Anal, facial.)

In the discussion between the two men in the first scene, one of them mentions he has a porn video to watch. The other is enthusiastic until he finds that itís a 70s German video. Actually the constraints of budget and the demands of adult satellite TV channels for 20-minute episodes, prevent modern porn directors from producing anything nearly as erotic as many 70s German porn films, but this DVD makes a decent (or rather indecent) stab at it. Having a star who probably speaks little English (though she has a sexy voice when she gets to use it) doesnít make it easy to build up erotic tension through dialogue. However, there is a fair amount of build up and foreplay, especially in the first scene, and there are lots of erotic camera angles used. The simultaneous cunnilingus and analingus of Nikki by the two men in the first scene and Nikki watching her down-and-out taking a bath while masturbating herself under a black leather coat, opened out in an inverted V to frame the action of her fingers, were particularly memorable pieces of choreography and camerawork.

One slight criticism is that directorial instructions were sometimes audible, especially in the last scene. This is acceptable in gonzo but not where disbelief is supposed to be suspended.

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