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Released: 2005
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Rude Britannia / Pornostatic
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 134 mins.

Anjali fronts-up and does the lion's share of the shagging in this quality mix of interracial sex. The Pornostatic husband and wife production team have become highly skilled at finding fresh ethnic talent and persuading them to do naughty things in front of the camera.

In the first scene Anjali takes on a very well hung white guy in a modern bedroom. Anjali slips her black pants off, but keeps her black t-shirt and kinky boots on as she mounts her partner cowgirl, moving on through spoons and missionary to doggy. Anjali frees her lovely small boobs during the action, which ends with a decent facial.

Charisma Kay has brought her boyfriend along for a shagging on the couch. The couple undress and there's a fair bit of intimacy and kissing before Charisma sucks her man hard and he fucks her missionary, then through cowgirl, doggy and spoons before returning to missionary to cum over her belly. No condoms here and Charisma doesn't seem to mind that her partner is only averagely endowed when the other girls are taking monsters. Quite what she thinks of her boyfriend's badly dyed hair is not revealed.

Anjali pairs up with extremely pretty and petite Solange Bhatt and another generously proportioned white guy. As the scene opens the girls are half naked while they suck the fully naked guy's cock. After some vigorous sucking Solange gets first taste of cock in spoons, then missionary, while still wrapped in a white sari and kinky boots. Anjali takes over in cowgirl as Solange watches from afar, but she gets involved later, licking Anjali's tits and pussy as she's fucked. Scene ends with shared facial. Solange is an extremely pretty girl, but while it's good to see her get fucked it is a very unconvincing performance as she continually glances towards the camera.

Robyn gives an extended interview to Will and Anjali as she sits on the couch in a bright red dress. The dress comes off and there is some solo dildo action while still talking to the producers. The scene suddenly cuts to a bedroom where Robyn, now in white t-shirt and pink mini, is sucking her man's cock. She mounts him cowgirl and there is further good fucking in doggy and spoons that ends in a cream pie, although little attempt is made to capitalise. Another bareback scene (obviously), although the guy keeps his polo shirt and socks on throughout - nice.

The next scene starts with another extended interview with Destiny Deville which turns out to be a shameless plug for a new series the team are shooting whereby Destiny drives around the country looking for young guys to shag. Anjali then joins Destiny to shag a nicely endowed white guy. After the usual oral pleasantries, the knickerless Destiny takes it cowgirl before both girls kneel on the couch with their naked bums in the air. This time it's Anjali who gets the cock and the scene ends with a shared facial.

Introduced as out-takes but better suited in an extra's menu, the next scene is just Destiny and Anjali talking to Will as they put their make up on. Must go back and watch it sometime.

Fully dressed on a couch, tall and slim and dark-skinned, Indian Syreeta footwanks her black partner, who is naked from the waist down. Then she takes him in her mouth and sucks his cock to climax. Hopefully this 5 minute scene is a tease for future releases.

Anjali's final outfit is a red bikini bra and a short wrap skirt hung with beads which rattle as she shakes her booty. The shaking continues as she first gets her pussy licked doggystyle then takes her well hung black stud in cowgirl. More fucking in spoons and tinkling doggy ahead of a decent facial.

Jasmine, wearing an emerald-green sari throughout, gives a naked black guy a serious blow-job on the bathroom floor which ends with the cum hitting her mouth then draining out over her tits.

To conclude: Anjali is joined on the couch by Robyn and a third (uncredited) new Indian girl in a break from a photo shoot. It appears that drop-dead gorgeous Felicity Clinton is also present but her face isn't seen. Over their undies the girls have wrapped contrasting sari-material and soon they are flashing their pussies to camera. There is some interesting chat here which fades after 10 minutes.

More good stuff from a company that is filming masses of material at present, which they are mad keen to release. Unfortunately, while the technical quality remains acceptable, some of the action isn't. Some variation of format is needed as one quick apartment scene follows another, without the chance to develop. The Destiny/Anjali scene, for example, should have been twice as long allowing both girls to be doggy fucked. I'm sure the production team know this, as other formats are under development.

And in any event, who wouldn't want to own Robyn's first boy/girl on DVD? Another winner.

Review by Bayleaf
November 2005

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Anjali and Disanto have a cast of all Indian girls for their latest film. The experienced Destiny, Robyn and Solange are joined by four new girls making their first appearances in front of a camera.

The film gets off to a good start. Anjali sits by an open window in her black top, skirt and thigh length boots. A man wrapped in a towel enters from the balcony. She drops to her knees and fills her cheeks with his cock as her fingers caress his shaft. Pushing the guy onto the bed, Anjali sits on his face, her body squirming as he tongues her pussy. She turns to 69 him, her bum being slapped as she sucks. Mounting the guy, she grinds her pussy hard onto his cock as her bum is spanked. The couple roll over into spoons, Anjali rubbing her fingers over her clit. A little more riding and the guy is ready to cum. Anjali plays with her pussy as her mouth is filled with cream. She runs her tongue over the head to get every last drop.

Kharisma, in a black top and red skirt, is sitting on Anjali's sofa with a ginger-haired man. The pair strip and start to kiss, Kharisma slowly works her way down his body till she ends with his cock in her mouth. In a case of bad editing the action stutters forward, Kharisma being fingered before the pair start to fuck. After being taken missionary and cowgirl Kharisma bends to be shagged doggy. The shadow of the camera operator floats over the action. The scene ends with the guy firing over Kharisma's stomach and her rubbing the cream into her tits.

The next scene starts with Anjali and Solange running their tongues up and down a huge erect cock. The tool is so big Solange cannot get her fingers round it, but the girls still manage to get it into their mouths. Solange may be small but her pussy stretches a long way and she has little problem getting the cock into her cunt, Anjali helping by rubbing her clit. Anjali wants to experience the huge monster. She moans as it's slipped into her pussy. After sitting on the guy's face, Solange moves to lick the shaft as it slides in and out. Hair flopped over her face, Anjali climaxes. The pair then take his balls in their mouths as he wanks over their faces.

Robyn, in a red dress, is up next. She removes her knickers to play with herself as she is interviewed. In one of the worst bits of editing I have seen (I thought the DVD was jumping) the scene lurches forwards, Robyn giving a vibrator a blow job before planting it in her pussy. The action moves to a hotel bedroom were Robyn, now dressed in a white blouse and pink dress, is giving a man a blow job on a rather creaky bed. Removing her knickers, she sits on the cock, grinding and rocking the guy's dick deep into her pussy as he sucks on her tits. After licking her juices off his dick, Robyn bends over to be taken doggy. The pair bounce up and down as if on a trampoline. It's all too much for the boy who fires his load into Robyn's wet hole.

Playing with her tits on the sofa, Destiny Deville talks for four or five minutes about the new series she is shooting with Pornostatic. She is joined by Anjali as they wait the arrival of Rick. Destiny can't believe her eyes when she sees the size of his dick, but this dosen't stop the pair from deep throating the mighty member. With saliva running down the shaft and dripping off the balls, Anjali's pussy is getting wet with the thought of this cock throbbing away inside her. Destiny fingers herself, then Anjali, then with a huge sigh her pussy is stretched as she slowly slides down the shaft. Both girls turn to be taken doggy. Rick fucks the pair then pops his load over Destiny's tits and Anjali's face.

The next 10-minute scene has Anjali and Destiny putting on their make up and plugging Destiny's new film and the web site. This should be in as a bonus scene and not part of the main film.

Syreeta, in a highly embroidered blue top, appears in her first ever scene. She gives a guy a blow job then uses her feet on his dick. The cock is then returned to her mouth where, judging by the way her cheeks move, she is giving the man a good sucking. It works and he floods her mouth with cum.

Anjali is in a flame orange top and belly dancer's skirt which rattles and jingles as she moves. A man comes in to lick her arse. He probes her pussy with his long tongue as the skirt jangles. Pulling down his pants, Anjali buries his cock in her throat before mounting the guy. The rattling continues as the pair fuck spoons and end up doggy. The guy is ready to cum and Anjali opens her mouth for his load.

Jasmine, in a green sari, sits in the bathroom wanking a big black cock into her mouth. She may never have done films before but she knows how to swallow dick. Falling to the floor she continues to lick and suck. It's all too much for the guy who cums in her mouth.

Anjali, Neesha and Robyn appear on a sofa in front of a vile pink wall for a photo shoot. The girls show their boobs and bums then flash their pussies. This is another scene which should be an extra.

Pornostatic's early works were dogged by poor production, but recently they had turned the corner. With Desi-Licious they are back to square one. There are a couple of good scenes but on the whole the cutting and editing is deplorable, making the action bump and jolt along. Does the editor watch the final result? And when will the camera operator learn not to walk in front of the lights, casting shadows over the performers. There is also the question of the two scenes which do nothing (Anjali and Destiny putting on make-up and the last scene). These should have gone down as "Bonus" or "Behind the Scenes" and not part of the main film. Sorry about being so negative, but the girls deserve better (as do the public who buy the DVDs) and are let down by shoddy production.

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