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Released: 2005
Notes: Premier Film Productions
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Red is the Dungeon Diva resplendent in rubberwear (generally rubber basque and stockings and no knickers, allowing great views of red pussy). She strides around some atmospheric and authentic castle rooms fucking the women, fucking the men and supervising other couples fucking, in this three volume series. Red has almost all the dialogue with only the guys having anthing else to say, the girls simply gasp as tongues, dildos and cocks are pushed in their pussies. From the look of the location and the accents these films were made in the Czech Republic.

The third and final episode is authored into five scenes, but is really just two. In the first 40 minute scene, Red and two other girls (who are also in black stockings and pvc) dildo and strap-on each other and everyone gets a turn suspended in the cradle and in the stocks.

Mistress Red takes advantage of a slave girl restrained in a small cell, then leads her (wearing only a black bra) into another room where a guy is tied to the wall. The two girls share a double ender in front of the guy before he's released and permitted to fuck the blonde slave girl in front of Red. Red then strips to her fishnet stockings and gets a good fucking (with condom) herself on a bench and in the hanging cradle, finishing with a cumshot over her tits.

Red at her imperious best and great to see her getting a serious shagging in her dominatrix career. Red fans will enjoy this tour de force series.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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