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Released: 2005
Notes: Chain Reaction
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Running time 140 minutes.

When you pick up a film and the director is not credited there's always an element of doubt about how good it's going to be. I was therefore pleasantly surprised by Dial N for Nymphos, a half decent film from the States, with the Brits Destiny Deville and Diamond (as Lady Victoria). The story line is simple - blue-eyed blonde Vivian West runs a free agency where she matches guys with nymphos who are after dick. Why for free? So that every so often she can sample the men.

Dressed in her bright red sari, Destiny returns home laden with shopping. As she puts the stuff away, an advert for Dial N comes over the radio. Desperate for cock she rings and within minutes an unedifying Rick appears. As they stand in the kitchen, he slips out Destiny's boobs. Biting on her big brown nipples, his hand caresses her thigh and moves up to her pussy. Grabbing Rick's head Destany forces his face into her fanny, smearing him with her juices. His trousers down, she gags on his dick, saliva dribbling over her tits as she swallows. The two move to the bedroom where lies on a red patterned throw. Destiny spits on her pussy as she is fucked, her leg high on his shoulder. Rolling over you get double Destiny as dark hair flailing she is fucked doggy in front of a mirrored wardrobe. Climbing onto Rick's dick to ride cowgirl, Destiny leans right back and, screaming, grinds her pussy into his balls. Her eyes wide and wild, she tastes herself then plunges his prick deep into her pussy. Destiny's body shudders as Rick fires his load in her cunt. She lets it run out.

Lady Victoria, with her long bottle-blonde hair, appears in the final scene. She has applied to join Dial N, but before she is accepted Andrew Andretti has to check out her CV. It appears to be in order but there are one or two things he needs to test her on. Climbing onto the table, Lady Victoria unbuttons her white jacket and eases her big breasts out of her bra. Squeezing her tits, she drops forward onto Andrew's cock and starts to suck. Her boobs brush against his legs as she licks his shaft. Lying with her head hanging over the edge of the sofa, Lady Victoria gets her tonsils fucked. She wraps her legs round Andrew's neck and he lifts her, eating her pussy as she feeds on his dick. Andrew is interested in the anal aspect of her CV. Lady Victoria goes down on all fours and her face lights up as he jams his cock in her arse. After taking him in her pussy spoons, Lady Victoria props herself up to be pile driven in the bum. Her hole gapes as Andrew wanks his load into her arse, she is accepted.

The film had a 'natural' look about it, using very little lighting which means at times there are shadows, but as the camera moves around you don't get ungainly shot of stands and cables. The performances from the five girls were also good, though close-ups of Roxetta and Tyla Wynn during their orals show their complexions are slightly rough. Not a bad little film. The DVD has plenty of extras and two viewing modes, with story or sex only (the second one knocks about 10 minutes off the running time). If you get a chance its worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle.

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