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Released: 2005
Director: Jim Powers
Notes: Coast to Coast
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Running time: 110 mins.

Hillary Scott plays the part of Debbie, a girl who is addicted to dick. Having exhausted all the guys in the neighbourhood and worn out her boyfriend, Hillary's friend Audrey Hollander persuades her she needs help. Reluctant to kick the sex habit, Hillary is taken screaming to the clinic.

In her first therapy session, Hillary meets fellow sufferers Missy Monroe and Roxy. Talking of her craving for cock, Roxy gets the other members of the group excited and is sent back to her room. Spreading out on the bed, Roxy awaits her therapist. Making a grab for his crotch, she crams his length down her throat. With spit trickling down the shaft, Roxy flops back and cries for her pussy to be filled. The sound of hammering attracts Hillary. She stands at the door with her hand down her panties as she watches Roxy pounding away. Writhing and wriggling, Roxy gets on to all fours to be fucked from behind. Hillary licks her lips as she watches Roxy taking spunk into her mouth.

A phone call to Hillary makes Otto realise how much he's missing his girlfriend. Audrey steps in to fill the gap.

Undergoing electro-corrective therapy, Hillary's continual thoughts of sex knocks her out. Missy Monroe and Kyle Stone take the opportunity to bang away during the confusion.

Locked up in a unit for extreme cases, Hillary is confronted by a strap-on wearing Julie Night. She turns to Herschel Savage for salvation.

Hillary Scott is very convincing as the dick deranged Debbie, as are the other inmates undergoing rehab. Setting the scene in this curious clinic, director Jim Powers has produced an entertaining 100 minutes plus of steaming hot sex.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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