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Released: 2004
Director: Jim Powers
Notes: Mayhem
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Running time: 153 mins.

Hannah Harper is the only Brit in this American-shot 'fetish' theme film from director Jim Powers. Dementia unravels the nightmares of Aurora Snow as she tosses and turns in bed. Is it real or just a bad dream? She's not sure. Lavishly shot with a wardrobe which the audience of the Rocky Horror show would be proud of, the film features Katja Kassin, Gia Paloma, Vanessa Lane and Daphne Rosen and a dozen or more men.

The film starts with Aurora lying in bed. Is she awake or asleep? The door opens and dominatrix Hannah appears in a shiny black basque and matching red rubber gloves and stockings. She is followed by two sex slaves on their hands and knees. Sitting on the bed, she grabs the guys' cocks and starts to suck, squeezing their balls as she sinks the shafts down her throat. One of the guys is allowed to lick her feet, working up her latex covered legs to her pussy. Spreading her legs wide, Hannah wants her pussy fucked and Marco slides his dick into her wet hole. Rolling onto her hands and knees, Hannah pulls at her bum cheeks and orders Marco to enter her arse - she wants to gape. He does as he is told. Hannah summons the second guy to lie down so she can mount him cowgirl. Then she leans forward and orders Marco to bonk her bum. The boys bang away till they are ready to cum and Hannah opens her mouth for their cream. Job done, the boys are sent away and Hannah plays with the spunk in her mouth. Aurora isn't quite sure if it actually happened.

Lying back she sees Hannah having her legs splayed open with a bar and clamps applied to her nipples and cunt. A man appears with a clip board ... Aurora has signed up for this.

In further visions Aurora is led in chains to watch Katja take on three guys. Then, starved of food and sex, she is locked in a glass case as the centre piece to a rubber-clad orgy of food and sex. The film ends with a confused Aurora taking on nine guys on the dining table and feasting on spunk.

If you like your story weird and clad in black, red and vivid pink rubber this is a very well executed film and rightfully deserved its five nominations at the AVN awards. But not a film to watch late at night - you could end up demented!!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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