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Released: 2004
Director: Alex Ladd
Notes: DVSX, Rude Britannia for R18 (which has no extras)
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 109 mins.

Bev Cocks appears with an international cast, including the Canadian Daisy and Czech Delilah, in this six-scene film about girls who like to be really filled. DVDA 2 claims to be all new work, though the scenes shot in Prague and the one shot in Britain with Bev seem very familiar.

Sitting on a sofa in a red painted living room Bev is dressed in bright pink and is showing the tops of her stockings as she fondles herself. Removing her top and skirt Bev plays with her pussy and tits through her fuchsia pink undies, specks of glitter on and round her pussy glisten as she rubs. Mark and Terry join to fill her mouth with cock, one slipping down to suck at her swollen lips. Nice and wet, Bev is spit roasted on the sofa. She then gets Mark to sit so she can ride him cowgirl whilst still with Terry in her mouth. Bev turns and Terry adds his cock to an already full pussy. The double dicking continues till the boys are ready to cum, one on her face and the other over her tits.

All the scenes in the film are short with little build up, giving the appearance the work has been "lifted" from somewhere else. The girls put in some good performances, especially the Czech Angelica and Petra with the flame tattooed fanny, but there was still something lacking overall.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view (May 2006):

Review copy courtesy Rude Britannia

Originally released in 2004 on the DVSX label, DVDA 2 (Double Vaginal, Double Anal) gets an R18 and UK release thanks to a deal with Rude Britannia. The scenes are the same as the US release (see review by Dawn) but all the extras have been filleted out.

Bev Cocks joins the mainly European cast which includes Anjelica, the incredibly tall blonde who appears in Faye & Sandie 2 and does the full DVDA business here. Britney Jay, Petra, French Canadian Daisy and Delilah. Fantastically accomodating fannies and arses take a bunch of studs - none of whom can be classed as small.

With no extras and a full European price tag, mail order buyers may wish to look across the pond for this one.

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