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Released: 2004
Director: Jimmy D
Notes: Anarchy
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Running time: 107 mins.

With her hair in bunches, Bonnie Heart, like Victoria Sin and Vanilla Sky, may look a sweet and innocent angel, but when there's a chance of cock she grabs it with both hands in Jimmy D's film Don't Tell Daddy.

Appearing in the fourth scene, Bonnie sits plaiting straw in a barn when the farm hand turns up. She invites him to rest on the rug beside her. Bonnie tells him what she wants as she peels off her summer dress. Seeing her damp pussy, the guy bends down to lick. His tongue flicks over her shaven mound. She reaches out and undoes his jeans. Wrapping her fingers round his cock, Bonnie feeds it into her mouth and sucks. Pushing the farmhand back into the straw, Bonnie straddles his dick and slams down against his thighs. She turns onto all fours to be fucked doggy style. Bonnie's face lights up when he squeezes his shaft into her arse. She drops onto her side, letting him hammer away. Picking straw off his prick, Bonnie tastes the guy's handiwork. She flops back to be taken missionary. With the guy ready to cum, the young innocent Bonnie opens her mouth to catch his cream.

As a version of the 'Young and Innocent' genre, Don't Tell Daddy is not a bad film. Decently staged, the scenarios are well played out. The only problem with the movie is the colour. Whether the film was shot under orange lights or something went wrong with the cameras, the whole cast have a strange carrot coloured glow. Pity, as it spoils a reasonably good film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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