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Released: 2004
Director: Philippe Soine
Notes: Magma
Alternate Titles
  • Philippe Soine's Damp Gussets
  • Philippe Soine's Feuchte Muttis
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 89 mins.

One way to turn you off a film is to give it an unappetising title and that's what Magma have done with Damp Gussets. The original German, Feuchte Muttis, translates roughly as Moist Mummies - a far more descriptive indication of what this film's about. The five cheaply shot scenes are in a mishmash of styles and come from both Britain and Europe. Nothing seems to hold them together apart from director Philippe Soine.

Confusingly, Georgina's scene starts with her heading out of her hotel, bag in tow, on the way to Tooting High Street. Next, we see her in a flimsy green dress kneeling on a bed, her bum high in the air. A faceless man starts to fondle her backside and slips his fingers past Georgina's lemon panties into her fanny. She remains almost motionless as she's wanked. A cock appears beside her mouth. Wrapping her fingers around the shaft, Georgina laps and sucks at the head. The guy moves back round the bed and guides his prick into Georgina's hairy pussy. Rolled onto her back, there's a little more bonking before finishing on all fours with a dick in her arse. The guy jerks his load over Georgina's face.

When a guy comes to use the photocopier, DJ can't wait to get her hands on his body. As he copies, she crouches down and pulls out his cock and sucks it. Undoing her top, her tits fall from her bra. She pulls and plays with them as she sucks. Knickers pulled to one side, DJ is taken missionary on the desk. She slides off and leans over to be fucked from behind. Tugging away at his tadger, the guy cums over the DJ's outstretched body.

On the other side of the office, Marie-Louise sits at her desk, her jacket pulled tight across her boobs. A hand appears and unbuttons her top. Her tits fall free. They're squeezed together and lifted to let Marie-Louise lick at her nipples. Slipping her hand into her white lace knickers, Marie-Louise fingers herself as she gives the guy a blow job. His wet cock is rubbed up and down her cleavage. While she relaxes back in the chair, the guy enters her cunt. Marie-Louise gently rocks. Her big boobs wobble and sway as she is fucked. The faceless guy pulls out and cums over her tits and face.

The limitations of Point of View shots in confined spaces are evident in both Georgina's and Marie-Louise's scenes, with poor camera angles and unsteady images. Who wants to see arms, or people's backs? The rest of the film isn't really much better. The sets look shabby and cheap and the action is indifferent. Damp Gussets is a bit of a damp squib.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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