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Released: 2004
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: www.dolltheatre.com
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Running time: 84 mins.

Dirty Toy Story Volume 1 stars Faye Dixie, Freya Lee and McKenzie Lee in a parody loosely based on Toy Story where all the action takes place in a toy box.

The film starts with a close-up of an uncredited girl who is wanking on a sofa when the phone rings. Hurriedly she throws a ball into the toy box which hits Looby Loo (Faye Dixie) on the head bringing her to life.

Faye is wearing a pink dress, white knickers and is surrounded by larger-than-life dolls and a stuffed toy tiger. She strips off, saying all she has to do all day is finger her fanny and then demonstrates how she spends her time. Faye then explains she is called Looby because she likes to keep her pussy wet. Taking handfuls of lube, she rubs her pussy, slowly sliding her fingers in and out and playing with her clit. A large pink dildo appears and Faye uses it to make herself cum.

Pink-dressed Faye is not here alone, her friend Bella Rita (Freya Lee) is in a large box in the corner. Faye lets her out. Freya wears a white ballet dress and soon has Faye stripped and fingers and tongues her pussy. The girls then indulge in some finger lickin' fun. Freya bends over and Faye fills her pussy from behind with a bright red strap-on. She then moves and rides the plastic cowgirl-style. As Freya licks her juices off the dildo it erupts covering her face in white sticky cream.

The next doll in the toy box is Barbie Bowtie (McKenzie Lee). Dressed in a huge spotty red bow tie and red knickers, she plays with her nipples before sliding her hand down her panties to play with her pussy. A long solo session of finger fucking follows with McKenzie first playing with her pussy, then her arse. Getting her self well lubed, she slides a blue dildo up her bum then fingers and rubs her pussy and clit until she comes.

Now it's time for Freya and McKenzie to come out to play. The girls strip, sucking and playing with each other's nipples as they do so. The pair then embark on some serious finger fucking and minge munching, each taking their turn until they both cum. McKenzie then finds Robocock, a pedal bin on legs with flashing lights and a 10-inch stainless steel dick. She starts to kiss and caress the robot and it momentarily takes on human form. McKenzie bends over to have her pussy filled with steel. Halfway through the humping it changes into a man (Mason). He continues to take McKenzie doggy style where Robocock left off. Mason moves down to give McKenzie's pussy a good licking whilst he fingers her bum. It's then back to another dose of pussy pounding before filling McKenzie's mouth full of cum. The man turns back into a machine and McKenzie is left licking a pile of steaming scrap metal.

OK, in places the camera work is a bit off and the lighting is not always perfect, but Dolltheatre deserve 10 out of 10 for plot and the special effect Robocock. This is also the only film I have watched which has a punk and classical opera soundtrack. Can it get any stranger? I'll have to watch Volume 2 to find out.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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