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Released: 2004
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: www.dolltheatre.com
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Running time: 58 mins.

Doll Theatre retained the cast from Dirty Toy Story 1 (Faye Dixie, Freya Lee and McKenzie Lee) to appear in this film. Faye Dixie continues to play Looby Loo with Freya and McKenzie taking on two new roles.

The film starts in much the same way as Dirty Toy Story 1 with a close up of an uncredited girl wanking. When the mail arrives she leaves the room, and once she has left, the dolls in the toybox spring into life. Faye, in a red lace top, knickers and heels, has nothing better to do than wank all day. She covers herself in lube and starts to massage her tits. She then fills her knickers with a good squirt of lube rubbing it slowly into her pussy. As the knickers come off more lube is applied making her wet pussy glisten under the lights. Dollop after dollop of lube is used as Faye probes her pussy and plays with her clit.

The first of the new toys in the box is Edwina Vibrohands (McKenzie Lee), the girl with 10 silver 8-inch fingers. Once McKenzie has slipped out of her black dress she starts to make good use of her dildo digits working them round and deep into her wet pussy. After licking her fingers clean she sits on her vibrating hand, sliding up and down the silver fingers until she orgasms.

Faye now gets arty with another doll Salvadora Darling (Freya Lee). The girls quickly strip and start to cover each other in sticky strawberry sauce. Lots of licking follows. Faye empties a bottle of sauce between her bum cheeks and Freya licks it off as it runs down and drips off her pussy. More sauce is poured on and the girls slip and lick their way through the sticky mess. The pair then get covered in lube and they slide and squirm their way to the end of the scene.

McKenzie now finds Double O Heaven (Mason), a doll with a dick. He slips McKenzie out of her black dress and works his tongue over and into her pussy while she uses one of her dildo fingers on her clit. McKenzie then tries to use her hands on Mason's cock, but with 10 stiff fingers she finds it almost impossible and therefore uses her mouth instead. She has begun to be taken missionary-style when Faye and Freya join in to make good use of her vibrohands. Freya eases a dildo deep in her arse while Faye has her fanny finger fucked. With both hands fully occupied Mason fills McKenzie's arse from behind, giving her bum a good bonking. With 10 fingers to choose from the girls are spoilt for choice. Freya pushes a dildo into her pussy, Faye goes back to satisfying her self. Mason is ready to come and gives McKenzie a good facial.

The plot is novel and well done by the three girls. As in Dirty Toy Story 1 the camera work could have been a little less shaky, but you can overlook that. The film's biggest problem is VFM (value for money) - at under 1 hour (70 minutes if you include the trailers) many punters will leave this on the shelf as you can get films twice or three times as long for the same price, which is a pity as it's a good film. Doll Theatre should seriously look at the length of their productions, otherwise they may get the reputation of giving their customers short change...

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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