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Scene 1 - Bee (Barbara Molineux) is a middle-aged blonde with a nostril and a navel piercing. She is dressed like a housemaid: short black dress, apron, boots and a pair of tights. To start with she caresses her crotch with a feather duster, then she puts a hand into her tights. She takes off her dress and reveals a basque, then lowers her tights. She bares her tits and caresses her nipples with a bottle, then uses it on her pussy. She puts her tights on again. She brings down the cameraman's trousers and administers him a blowjob and a handjob. He finishes the job with his own hand and squirts his load on her tights. She rubs the sperm over her crotch. She lowers her tights again and masturbates.

Scene 2 - Bee is dressed in tights only. She is standing in a bathtub and pees through her crotch. The next moment she is lying in the bathtub, still in her tights, and having a wash with bath foam. She lowers her tights, stands up and finds a dildo. She uses it on her pussy. She lies down again and moves a finger up and down her anus. She puts her tights on again.

Scene 3 - Bee is wearing a black dress, black nylons and no knickers. She shows us her pussy in several positions. She takes a dildo and plays with it. Twice she uses it on her pussy and both times she launches a jet of urine when she withdraws the dildo. Finally she masturbates with a bottle, sitting on a sofa. She spreads the juice that has landed into the bottle over her tits and licks them.

Scene 4 - Chelsea (unlisted) is a woman in her late thirties with spiky platinum blond hair. She is wearing a see-through white t-shirt, a pair of tights and sandals. She caresses herself in several positions and shows us her tits.

Scene 5 - Chelsea is wearing a black swimsuit over a pair of tights. She sits down upon the draining board in her kitchen and eats a banana there. She shows us her tits and climbs a staircase.

Scene 6 - Chelsea is wearing a pair of tights and a see-through vest. She puts on nylons over her tights and wraps a fringed cloth around her waist. Alternately she uses a vibrator on her pussy and blows the cameraman. The cameraman shags her between her tits.

Scene 7 - Chelsea is wearing a short black fringed dress and of course a pair of tights. She sits down upon a threshold and caresses her legs. She fetches a banana from the kitchen and returns to the threshold, where she removes her dress, lowers her tights and masturbates with the banana. A few minutes later she grabs the cameraman's dick and does a blowjob on him. She pulls up her tights again and parades through the room.

Scene 8 - The cameraman squirts his sperm on Chelsea's feet. She is sitting on a mattress with her tights pulled down and uses her feet to play with his dick.

Scene 9 - Laura is looking very young in these scenes. Presumably they are archive scenes that have been republished. She is sitting in a bathtub with a towel wrapped around her head. She shaves her legs and her pussy.

Scene 10 - Laura is standing in a room with pictures of her hanging on the wall. One of them is a calendar sheet, September 1996 (which only proves the scene has been shot after November 1995, by the way). Laura is wearing a blue-grey suit with a black vest and dark grey fishnet tights underneath. She undresses to her tights and lies down on a bed. She grasps a knife and bares her pussy by cutting a hole in her tights. Then she sticks the blade deep into her pussy and into her mouth and gently rubs her nipples with it. She puts aside the knife (to my great relief) and starts masturbating. A man with sunglasses and a leather jacket has been watching her for quite some time. Now he approaches the bed and produces his cock. At first Laura prefers playing with a vibrator, but then she allows him to eat her pussy. They also fuck in several positions. For a moment a dog comes on the screen (don't worry: it is only a spectator). Laura does a blowjob on her friend. The scene ends, rather abruptly, when he starts wanking off, preparing to squirt into her face.

Review by Middle_Aged_Dutchman

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