< A Date with Samantha Jane/Vida's Parking Problem

Notes and Reviews

(Kirsten's Kushty Kaper is on the same tape from HCC but was evidently made at a different time and place and with a different cast and theme.)

Samantha-Jane's car breaks down, a bloke stops to help and she agrees to give him a date. He arrives at her flat and a long m/f scene ensues during which he comes inside her. Evidently this was not intended as she is very amused. However the scene continues for a long time after this.

A caption - 'the next day'

Vida, dressed as a policewoman arrives at Samantha-Jane's flat to follow up a complaint about Samantha-Jane parking her car in front of the neighbours' house. A lesbian scene ensues with dildo stuff, Vida is a very unusual policewoman in that she is wearing black thigh boots and stockings.

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