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Released: 2003
Director: Sammy Sixx
Notes: Zero Tolerance
Notes and Reviews

Rest of female cast: Brittany Skye, Mason, Holly Body, Vikki Vivette, Brooke, Vicki Vogue, Nikki Veil, Devon Michaels. Male cast: Tony Ribas, Mark Davies, Mark Wood, Kurt Lockwood.

All the scenes have two girls with one guy and all the girls are very well endowed in the chest department. Without exception all the girls are very hot and each scene starts with some girl-girl action before the three-ways start.

Apart from Alicia, none of the Brit girls have much hardcore available, so to get them all in one programme is a real bonus. And with eight other US girls getting royally shagged, very good value too. Recommended.

Scene 3: Katie Kaliana & Diamond. After some light lezzie action in the garden, the girls converge on Toni Ribas to suck his cock. The girls ride him reverse cowgirl, taking time to suck his cock between insertions. Toni bangs Diamond's bald pussy in spoons then takes Katie in doggy, showing off her arse gloriously. Diamond remounts for reverse cowgirl then takes his tool up her bum, pausing for the occasional A2M. In the end, Toni fucks Katie in mish, splattering her belly and chest with cum which Diamond licks up.

Scene 5: Mason and Leanne duet in this scene. Mason is a brunette who contrasts well with Leanne. Both girls start in stockings together, but these come off before the action proper begins. The girls join Toni and start sucking his cock. Mason mounts him cowgirl then Leanne takes him in doggy. Toni fucks Mason in mish while she sucks on Leanne's tits. In the end he tit fucks both (surprising we don't see more of this in other scenes) before cumming over Mason's neck.

The last scene features Alicia and Brittany Skye in their box-cover outfits, red and black basques. The girls start with some lezzie action and remove their basques and pants, but they have just the basques back on when they attack Mark Davis. They take turns in sucking Mark's cock and each other's tits, then Brittany hops on his cock for cowgirl. Alicia takes a ride in reverse cowgirl then Mark shags Brittany doggy before Alicia can suck him A2M getting skull-fucked. Brittany rubs Alicia's bum, prepping it for Mark to bang her arse in pile driver and cowgirl, then it's Brittany's turn for anal before Mark shoots in her mouth. Brittany spits his spunk into Alicia's mouth, which dribbles over her tits.

In the other scenes, Devon Michaels is paired with Holly Body; Vicki Vogue with Nikki Veil and Brooke with Vikki Vette.

Review by Bayleaf

Steven Stone's view (March 2006):

  • Style: Gonzo
  • Theme: M/F/F, big breasts, some anal

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Double Decker Sandwich 2 is as you guessed, the second in the Double Decker Sandwich series by the studio Zero Tolerance. Making many promises that equate to one statement of no bad pornography, can Zero Tolerance and director Sammy Sixx stick to their promise, and what's more, how do the British girls perform in this piece? Well, safe to say that Double Decker Sandwich 2 is a fairly impressive effort which seems to make good on its promises. To top it off we have four British girls, giving their all for the cause. So what's the verdict on these British Isle beauties? I am afraid to say that on this occasion we have a very good, a good and two very poor.

The first scene with Brit girls is the third in the film and it's a double header. Katie and Victoria (Diamond) do the honours here, teaming up with Tony Ribas on an outdoor, squeaking bed. The scene starts with the usual soft focus, music strip tease with some nice touching going on. I personally don't like these intros and would rather get into the scene properly, but to their credit the girls do look sexy in them.

Katie has a very exotic look with a fairly posh English accent. This makes for quite a potent combination. She has a curvaceous body with long dark hair, making her quite the beauty. In this scene she does the standard fare of oral, sex, licking and touching. To top it off she gets Tony's load all over her sexy body.

However, I found her performance one of the weakest in the film. Even though she has the looks, her performance is lacklustre. Her oral skills are average and there isn't much creativity with the sex in terms of positions or enthusiasm. She also has two annoying habits in this scene. The first is her rather loud moans, when she isn't being touched ... when she isn't even touching herself. This lacks realism for me which I think spoils the scene. The second habit is that she is constantly making obvious looks off camera. They are not subtle but rather obvious and while I understand scenes are directed, it doesn't look that good and makes her seem very amateurish. I don't want to be too down on her, I am not sure if this was her first film or not, but I would say she has great potential but this scene was not her best. She is also not the slimmest girl, so if you like thin girls, you may not like her.

Victoria, or Diamond as she is known, could not be more different from Katie. She is bright, bleached blonde with short hair and the most unpolished of English accents. Victoria gives the dirty performance here, giving oral, licking, fingering, as well as sex and taking anal.

Victoria performs well in this scene, her body is tight and her dirty talk is a good touch. Her favourite phrase here is "Stick it right up me". She gives good oral to Tony and rides the cock like a pro. She handles the anal well and really seems to be involved in the scene. She completes the filth by licking Tony's juices off of Katie's sweet body. She also has long and pierced lips, if you like that kind of thing.

This scene is a good scene, although it is Victoria that makes it. The girls look good, but the performance could be better. It is a scene to enjoy when you want to watch some action, but not a classic. I would give this scene a 3 out of 5.

Now we get to the second scene with Sheridan, that's the British gal, and Mason. The scene starts off fairly promisingly, with the standard strip and touching to soft focus and mood music and then onto the hardcore. Sheridan makes a good start. She really is enthusiastic about sucking Tony Ribas's cock. She goes for it with vigour and when she is not sucking him off, she is being fingered by him and enjoying every minute. However things soon start to go down hill. Sheridan's head bobbing technique grows boring and starts to resemble one of those wind up toys, or a bird that repeatedly hits its beak on the floor while bouncing around. Then Mason gets some good up front action while Sheridan does little to add to the proceedings. Finally Sheridan gets the man meat, and in a doggy position, bent over Mason, gets Tony Ribas from behind. This is the only time in the scene Sheridan gets it from Tony. It's a nice thing to see, but one position is never enough and it generally drags on. It doesn't help with Sheridan's repetitious "Yeah" all the time, in the same tone and pitch, only occasionally stretching to an "Oh yeah". The only thing giving this part of the scene any zing is that she claims to have a real orgasm, but you can hardly tell as there is no difference in her voice. Mason then gets the rest of the action, with Sheridan sucking her boobs, then briefly shaking her tits on Tony's member at the end before he shoots over Mason. To her credit Sheridan does lick up the juice, though is fairly lacklustre in her approach.

I wish I could give this scene and this Brit girl a better write up. She is a Yorkshire lass and I support Yorkshire in all things, but I just can't give much kudos here. She has a good tan and big breasts, but those of you who like young and toned will be disappointed. A tall, blonde, big-breasted girl, she should be able to command the scene but is little more then an extra. You can blame the director, you can blame the male performer as well, but this scene fell down for me. Only 2 out of 5 on this scene.

The final scene with the Brit babes, is also the final scene in the film. It features the infamous Alicia Rhodes, here teaming up with Brittany Skye and Mark Davies. If any of you have seen Alicia's or Mark's work before, you will know the reputations they have for hard action and this scene does not disappoint.

I could give you a blow by blow account of all the moves in the scene, but I believe that would spoil this great scene. Needless to say, our Alicia gets hard and heavy into oral, deep throat, gagging, licking, fingering including finger cock DP, sex and anal in various positions, and even some rimming action.

Alicia performs exceptionally well here. The scene starts with the two girls in sexy basques, with Alicia in black. They strip each other and have a long, erotic kiss at the end of the intro. She really is into the scene and goes for it with gusto. She teams up well with Brittany Skye and teaches Brittany a thing or two. The sight of these two hot, big-breasted blondes is enough to blow your mind, a real visual treat. Alicia adds nice touches as well, her long looks directly into the camera give you the feeling she is performing just for you. Her dirty talk is top notch and hearing such filth come from the posh mouth of this beautiful woman is incredible. She really commands the scene, easily keeping up with the vigorous Mark Davies.

This is a fantastic scene and by far the best of the film. Alicia really does herself and the Brits proud. She looks absolutely stunning as well. My only criticism is that the money shot is into Brittany's mouth then swapped to Alicia, who dribbles it all over her tits. I would have preferred to see a shared facial. I would recommend anyone to see this scene. It makes the film. A 5 out of 5 for this one.

The other three scenes are of good quality. The first scene of Devon and Holly is good, though some may not like the overly fake breasts. The second scene of Vikki and Brooke is very hot visually, although Brooke is a little quiet and there is no anal. The Vicki and Nikki scene has some good action too.

If you buy the DVD version you get some good extras, including a behind the scenes segment.

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