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Scene 1 (Teresa May)

The brunette Teresa May is wearing a camel woman's suit, tights and high-heeled shoes. She is making a phone call, sitting on a chair with her legs upon a table. She starts caressing her crotch and her tits. Somewhat later she lays down the phone and slowly undresses to her tights. She shows a writing pad saying 'I love wearing tights'.

She climbs on the table on hands and feet and tears the crotch of her tights with a ball pen (she loved wearing tights, didn't she?). After some playing with her pussy she turns, sits down and tears her tights to shreds completely.

She masturbates. When she has come, she takes up the phone again and continues the conversation.

Scene 2 (Teresa May)

During this scene Teresa is continually telling us what she is doing or going to do.

She is sitting on a sofa in an aubergine leather dress. Under her dress she is wearing a black string and nylons. That's what she tells us and shows us. She lights a cigarette and plays with another pair of nylons she has at her elbow. She puts out her cigarette and removes her dress.

After removing her shoes too, she takes off her nylons and puts on the other pair. She sits down, spreads her legs, pulls her string aside and masturbates while smoking another cigarette. She comes noisily.

Scene 3 (Tiffany Walker)

Tiffany Walker has reddish blond curls. She is wearing a short black dress with dark brown tights underneath. She is lying on a sofa with a zebra-patterned spread. The cameraman is continually talking to her, but she doesn't say much. She lowers her dress and shows her tits, then she removes her dress altogether. She removes her tights too, in the slowest and most complicated way imaginable. After some playing with her tights she takes off the string she was wearing underneath them.

She puts on another pair of tights, white this time. From a corner of the sofa she produces an orange-red vibrator. She caresses her crotch with it, outside and inside her tights. Then she lowers her tights and uses the toy to massage her clitoris. She penetrates her shaved pussy with the vibrator and manages to get rid of her tights in the meantime. When she has finished, she licks the toy. Finally she puts a finger into her pussy and into her mouth.

Review by Middle_Aged_Dutchman

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