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Released: 2003
Notes and Reviews

Scene 1 (Tiffany Walker)

Tiffany Walker has reddish blond curls. She is wearing an orange-red dress, nylons and a suspender-belt underneath her dress. She shows us explicitly she does not wear panties. Up and beside a bed she shows her tits, takes off her dress, unties her nylons, fastens her suspenders onto her nipples, takes off her nylons and shows us she can lick her own feet.

Scene 2 (Tiffany Walker)

Tiffany is wearing a black basque now. She has changed the bed for a sofa. She puts on a pair of black nylons. She lowers her basque and shows her tits first and her bum and shaved pussy afterwards. Sitting on an arm rest of the sofa she unties her nylons. She caresses her face and her tits with a powder brush. The grip of the brush slips into her pussy. She masturbates with the grip and shows us she can move it up and down without using her hands.

What she does in this film is more or less what she does in her webcam shows, but with an extra: you can hear her chatting with the cameraman.

Scene 3 (Claudia Casali)

Black-haired Claudia Casali is wearing a red dress, nylons, a suspender-belt and black panties with a red floral pattern. She lowers her dress and plays with her big tits. Then she removes her dress entirely. She lies down upon a bed, masturbates and shows us the inside of her pussy, at first with her panties pulled aside, then with her panties removed. She goes on masturbating until she comes.

Scene 4 (Claudia Casali)

Claudia is wearing a black polkadot dress and a pair of tights. She strips off her dress and plays with her tits. She strips her tights down to her knees and uses a vibrator on her pussy. At first she kneels upon a sofa and inserts the vibrator from behind, then she lies down upon the sofa. After some time she puts aside the vibrator and finishes the job with her fingers.

Review by Middle_Aged_Dutchman

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