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Released: 2003
Notes: Slik
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Red is the Dungeon Diva resplendent in rubberwear (generally rubber basque and stockings and no knickers, allowing great views of red pussy). She strides around some atmospheric and authentic castle rooms fucking the women, fucking the men and supervising other couples fucking, in this three volume series. Red has almost all the dialogue with only the guys having anthing else to say, the girls simply gasp as tongues, dildos and cocks are pushed in their pussies. From the look of the location and the accents these films were made in the Czech Republic.

In scene one Red limbers up by lightly whipping a brunette in cutaway leathers in a cell.

Red feels up and shafts a slave girl tied up in a cell. Kissing, pussy licking, dildo and fucking with a strap-on.

A naked guy is tied up. When released he licks Red's pussy and attacks it with a dildo, then fucks her while she's suspended in a strap cradle affair, then doggystyle on the floor.

Back in her leather cradle, Red gets her own dildo treatment administered by an attactive blonde. Red then strips the blonde to her black boots and dildos her pussy and arse.

Bonus 1. Red with the blonde share a double ender.

Bonus 2. Short fat man is tied up naked. Red permits him.

Red at her imperious best and great to see her getting a serious shagging in her dominatrix career. Red fans will enjoy this tour de force series.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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